Hello everyone!

I have an interview with a Canadian asset mgmt firm (~C$35 bn AUM) for their mortgages and real estate products group. I have copied the job description below.

If you could help me out by highlighting potential questions they may ask or good things to read up on (i.e. industry trends, mortgage/RE primer, etc) that would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

This role involves supporting the real estate & mortgages product specialist in the Toronto office.

Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):
- Supporting the quarterly presentation and reporting processes
- Supporting the creation of material to respond to client requests
- Building presentations and material to support the real estate and mortgage related client service and business development activities
- Researching the prevalence of select real estate investment products within Canadian, US and international markets
- Researching the underling composition and structure of select investment products
- Researching the key drivers of the Canadian real estate & mortgage investment market
- General support to members of the real estate and mortgages investment management team

A good understanding of both marketing and financial concepts, an interest in further developing real estate & mortgage related research and communication skills, and an understanding of real estate concepts for the Canadian marketplace are required. You will be an individual with an enthusiastic interest in all aspects of the financial and marketing world evidenced by completion of a number of finance and marketing/communications courses. As well, strong computer skills, good oral and written communication accuracy and attention to detail are essential.