Multi-manager hedge fund analyst total comp

What is the range in total comp for an equity analyst at a multi-manager hedge fund (Citadel, Millennium, BAM, P72 etc.). I realize it depends on AUM of the particular pod, performance in the year, and the analyst's seniority/contribution.. But in rough terms, and assuming the average base salary is $150-200k and the pod has a decent year performance wise, how much would a mid/senior analyst stand to make from bonus? (think someone with 2yrs IB + 5 years in HF/ER). Thanks a lot.

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Jul 29, 2018 - 3:45pm

Hi indsanalyst18, any of these threads helpful:

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  • Top Hedge Funds: Analyst Compensation Analyst Pay Total average compensation for hedge fund analyst's is 152k. The average base being 98k ... and the average bonus being 54k. Analyst Compensation at Top Hedge Funds Let's take a look at ... rough idea of total compensation in a typical year would also be appreciated. Thanks a lot.
  • 2017 Hedge Fund Report: 8 Key Takeaways compensation (base & bonus) averages $155,000 for first-year analysts and associates. The total average ... compensation, including base salary and bonus, at hedge funds ranges from $163,000 annually for first-year ... The 2017 Hedge Fund Industry Report compiled by Wall Street Oasis (WSO) provides insight on ...
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If we're lucky, maybe these professional users will respond: smileeok realdelirium Bons

I hope those threads give you a bit more insight.

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April 2021 Hedge Fund

  • Vice President (18) $520
  • Director/MD (10) $359
  • NA (4) $325
  • Portfolio Manager (7) $297
  • Manager (4) $282
  • 3rd+ Year Associate (18) $269
  • 2nd Year Associate (26) $251
  • Engineer/Quant (50) $237
  • 1st Year Associate (63) $188
  • Analysts (181) $168
  • Intern/Summer Associate (15) $125
  • Junior Trader (5) $102
  • Intern/Summer Analyst (203) $82