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Aug 19, 2010

I used the solomon material and did not pass the exam. I don't think the material is relevant enough to the exam. My test was highly quantitative and the material did not prepare me for the type of questions I saw on the exam. Look into STC and Knopman. I am studying with both right now and take the test in two weeks.

Mar 27, 2011

Solomon's study guide was not available when I was scheduled to take the 79. However, I did use Solomon's exam prep material and STC's material. I found Solomon's exam prep to be superior to the STC in about every way. The questions asked in the Solomon material were much more similar to the actual exam. The questions were asked in a way that required a deeper understanding of the material, and the explanations were easier to remember than STC's. Also, if my exam window was just opening, I would get the Solomon 79 audio book. You can download the files onto your phone or IPod and study during any free time you may have.

Practice exams: The best feature of the Solomon exam when compared to the STC practice exam was the availability of 20 question quizzes for each section of the 79. You could take a quiz in 20-30 minutes and judge your understanding of the material instead of trying to find 5 hours to take a full length practice exam. This was my most effective tool in passing the 79.

Also, though the 79 guide was unavailable, I had the Series 7 audio book. The people at Solomon e-mailed me a list that detailed which chapters in the 7 were relevant to the 79 exam, and I recall several instances during the exam in which I relied on Solomon's Series 7 audio book to answer a question correctly. Most likely, I was able to remember the Solomon material because there are numerous memory tricks employed throughout the material. It was very helpful.

As far as the last poster's experience with the quant section, I felt the opposite. Solomon would force you to develop a deeper knowledge of the relationship between different ratios in order to answer questions. STC just gave you the information that was needed, and only required you to fill-in the formula. Regardless, the quant section was the easiest anyways.

I passed the exam on the first try despite not finishing the STC study guide until the night before the exam. I finished 75 minutes ahead of schedule, and was confident when I decided to have my exam graded.

Quick tip: If you are getting frustrated by a quant question, select any answer, mark that question for review, move on, and complete at the end of the exam. This will prevent you from wasting too much time on one question and getting discouraged.

Good luck!

Apr 3, 2011



Apr 3, 2011

Highly recommend Knopman.

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Apr 3, 2011

i used both STC and Solomon and Solomon is my choice. i recommend the online test simulator from Solomon as well. if you don't understand something it has an "ask the professor" which they immediately respond back to you - very helpful.

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Apr 3, 2011

I used Solomon. Well worth the $$. The 79 is a tough test altogether.

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Apr 3, 2011