West Coast Banks

Thought it would be helpful for some people if we had a comprehensive list and breakdown of office locations and groups in the west coast. Can we get a list going on? It would be most helpful if SA's or FT's that currently work or have worked in the WC could contribute.

-SF: Tech
-LA: FIG, consumer/retail

-Menlo Park: Tech


*Not exclusive to BB's. Would like to see some boutiques as well.

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Jul 23, 2011

Can speak for most of the Bay Area shops, but someone's gotta help out with LA. (This is not a ranking, merely the first shops that come to mind.)

-SF: TMT, Generalist (mostly Fin Sponsors and Healthcare)
-LA: Generalist

-SF: Corporate Finance (mix of various products, including M&A), Healthcare
-SV: Tech
-LA: ???

-SF: Tech, Healthcare
-LA: Generalist

-SF: Tech, HC
-LA: ???

-LA: Generalist (M&A/Sponsors/Restrux)

-SF: Healthcare, Sponsors, Real Estate
-SV: Tech
-LA: ???

-SF: Tech, HC
-LA: Generalist (mostly M&A, Metals/Mining, HC)

-SV: Tech
-SF: Clean Tech (yes, a separate group), Healthcare

-SF: Tech, HC?
-LA: ???

-SF: M&A, HC, Tech M&A (building that group right now)

-SF: Tech, something else???

-SV: Tech M&A

-SF: Tech M&A

-SF: HC M&A, Tech M&A, Converts
-LA: Generalist M&A, Restrux???

-SF: Tech

-SF: Tech, HC
-LA: Generalist Sweatshop

-SF: Tech (work entirely in the "Ballin' out control" space)

-SF: Tech, HC
-LS: ??? (not sure what groups are there, but I'm under the impression it's one of the larger LA BB offices)

-SF: Tech M&A, Healthcare?
-LA: M&A, Restrux, ???

Other boutiques/MMs on my radar out here:

-In SF:
Pacific Crest
GCA Savvian
Seven Hills
RBC CapMkts
William Blair
Harris Williams
Union Square Advisors

-In LA:

-In Portland:
Pacific Crest

Jul 23, 2011

Sick. Thanks, Richie. Let's keep em coming!

Jul 23, 2011

I'm interested in hearing about this as well. WC is my top choice of location to begin my career and find my next SA gig.

Jul 23, 2011

BAML LA: generalist program, but mostly FIG and sponsors
Barcap LA: gaming, leveraged finance, financial sponsors
Citi LA: also have healthcare
DB LA: also generalist, but mostly FIG

Jul 23, 2011

moelis sv tech
laz la is mostly gaming and aerospace
hlhz la has specific groups such as media and telecom
CS LA does a lot sponsor stuff
barcap la has some fig as well
centerview is hc m&a and tech m&a. they just hired someone from lazard sf
ms la has two groups, corporate finance and m&a based on what i rememebered, sweatshop

for the boutiques..

Pacific Crest - a lot ipo / equity offering
Sagent - tech and hc m&a
GCA Savvian - supposedly does everything but more famous for internet
JMP - small tech deals
SNW - what's this?
Seven Hills - dead, dont go there
RBC CapMkts - seperated into tech, fig, m&a, healthcare and private placement
William Blair - not sure
Harris Williams - not sure
Union Square Advisors - tech, the top guy just went to citi i think
Wedbush - not sure if they even have banking...they have a bunch of research
Imperial - restructuring focused, but does some lower MM M&A work, generalist. Also has an office in sf focused on rest

Jul 24, 2011

cowen in sf
I believe Jeff's HC practice is in sv, not sf, but could be wrong
raymond james - sf tech and hc
hlhz has a generalist M&A (corp fin) group in la
Piper Jaffray has tech, hc and maybe consumer?? in sf
thinkequity in sf - tech and hc i think, but they do pretty much anything they can get their hands on
wells fargo has gaming tech and M&A out of SF and MM out of LA

Jul 24, 2011

just started working at one of the aforementioned banks in SF and all i gotta say is I hope you suckers back east are enjoying this heat wave

Jul 24, 2011

just started working at one of the aforementioned banks in SF and all i gotta say is I hope you suckers back east are enjoying this heat wave


Jul 24, 2011

Its not an "i-bank," but wells fargo is ridiculously big on the west coast. Their HQ is over there too.

Though it has a banking division, all their revenue comes from commercial and corporate borrowing/lending.

Jul 24, 2011

Theyve also been doing a lot of FT hiring over the last month or so.

Jul 24, 2011

doesn't houlihan lokey have HQ in LA? there any other similar MMs based out west?

Jul 24, 2011

Pacific Crest
Merriman Curhan Ford (now Merriman Capital)

Jul 24, 2011

Aren't Moelis and Perella Weinberg big players on the west coast?

Jul 24, 2011

Qatalyst and Moelis come to mind.

Jul 24, 2011

DA Davidson has a strong presence in the PNW. But they're pretty small MM firm from what I've been told.

Jul 24, 2011


pwp is based in nyc

For bigger banks...CS LA SF, GS SF, MS menlo are all big players in WC

probably missed something

Jul 24, 2011

isn't UBS LA a pretty big player as well?

Jul 24, 2011

i'll add Jefferies and RBC

Jul 24, 2011
Jul 24, 2011