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Author: Elliot Meade
Elliot Meade
Elliot Meade
Private Equity | Investment Banking

Elliot currently works as a Private Equity Associate at Greenridge Investment Partners, a middle market fund based in Austin, TX. He was previously an Analyst in Piper Jaffray's Leveraged Finance group, working across all industry verticals on LBOs, acquisition financings, refinancings, and recapitalizations. Prior to Piper Jaffray, he spent 2 years at Citi in the Leveraged Finance Credit Portfolio group focused on origination and ongoing credit monitoring of outstanding loans and was also a member of the Columbia recruiting committee for the Investment Banking Division for incoming summer and full-time analysts.

Elliot has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management from Columbia University.

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Austin Anderson
Austin Anderson
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Austin has been working with Ernst & Young for over four years, starting as a senior consultant before being promoted to a manager. At EY, he focuses on strategy, process and operations improvement, and business transformation consulting services focused on health provider, payer, and public health organizations. Austin specializes in the health industry but supports clients across multiple industries.

Austin has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and a Masters of Business Administration in Strategy, Management and Organization, both from the University of Michigan.

Last Updated:October 6, 2023

Bloomberg terminal walkthrough

To be faster, more efficient, and more productive when performing financial analysis or research, it is crucial to have a good grasp of Bloomberg Terminal. That means knowing the essential Bloomberg functions.

You will have to learn how to use the Bloomberg Terminal, whether you work as an investment banking analyst, equity research analyst, or in other areas of the capital markets, to make your work much more straightforward.

We have compiled a list of the most common and essential functions, shortcuts, and keystrokes to know on the Bloomberg Terminal inside out, like grabbing historical financial information, share prices, bonds/fixed income information, transactions, and much more.

Mastering Bloomberg functions is the key to becoming a great financial analyst.

Bloomberg shortcuts

The yellow hotkeys along the top of the keyboard are used to enter market sectors and are generally used as suffixes to allow the terminal to identify security correctly.

Bloomberg Shortcut List

Key Strokes Description
F2 GOVT government securities (U.S. treasury and non-U.S.)
F3 CORP corporate debt
F4 MTGE mortgage securities
F5 M-Mkt money market
F6 MUNI municipal debt
F7 PFD preferred shares
F8 EQUITY equity shares
F9 COMDTY commodity markets
F10 INDEX indices
F11 CURNCY currency markets
F12 CLIENT/ALPHA portfolio functionality

List of Bloomberg Functions

There are two types of functions: 

1. Non-security specific:

These functions provide information and analysis on an entire market sector and do not require loaded security.

I.e., WPE is a non-security specific function since it provides information for many equity indices; you can run WPE without loading security.

2. Security-specific:

These functions require specific security to be loaded into Bloomberg (security must be entered into the command line, i.e., Meta US<Equity>) and run a thorough security analysis on the loaded security.

I.e., To use the GP function (Graph Price), Bloomberg needs first to know what security to graph a price of; thus, security needs to be entered beforehand: Meta US <Equity>GP<GO>


The loaded security remains active on the panel until you load additional protection.

The following codes are to be entered followed by the <GO> or enter key. These codes provide general screens from which more detailed analysis can be done using the mouse.

The following are the most commonly used functions on the terminal:

Charting & graphs

P Chart securities and technical studies on the Bloomberg Terminal.

GPO Displays the open/high/low/close chart view of the Price Chart (GP) function

HS Compare and visualize the performance of two securities.

HP historical price table shows pricing and volume data for a security over a specified period.

GC Chart yield curves and see how interest rates move over time.

G Custom Technical Charts

GF Visual analysis of a company’s fundamentals.

ECWB Allows you to standardize and manipulate economic data.


BGAS pricing for the North American natural gas spot market.

BOIL a full picture of global oil & refined products spot pricing.

CPF expert forecasts for future commodity prices.

FDM Access comprehensive fundamental commodities data.

GLCO price movement and performance of global commodities.

NGAS natural gas statistics for the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

WETR current, historical and forecasted weather trends.

Company analysis

CF Corporate filings- EDGAR

DES Access consolidated financial data and essential background information.

BI Access industry analyses from Bloomberg Intelligence.

BIP primers on companies, industries, or topics.

MGMT Management Overview

BICO See a company primer to educate yourself on a company.

ISSD Financial Overview

QUIC Leverage QuickTakes to put important news events in context.

ANR analyst recommendations and price targets for equity.


GMM The most significant moves in the global financial markets.

WFX Gives an overview of currency rates in real-time

FXFC Analyzes currency price forecasts by contributors.

FXCA Conversion calculation.

WIRA international reserve assets and related growth rates.

RATC Rating revisions monitor

FXC Matrix of currency rates

WCRS compares and ranks current and historical currency rates


OMON Real-time pricing and market data for call and put options.

OVME Price and back-test equity derivative products and strategies.

OVML Structure and price multi-leg FX options for various strategies.


FED Monitoring the activities of the U.S. Federal Reserve bank

CENB Access to other international central bank portals resources.

ECO Economic calendars for upcoming industry and central bank releases.

ECST monitors economic data from multiple sources. 

ECFC economic forecasts and compare regional forecasts.


EQS Screen for companies to validate trade ideas. 

MOST Most active securities

GIP Intraday Price Graph – up to 240 days

FA Find a company’s financial statements and fundamental data.

DVD Displays a history of a company’s dividend distribution, stock splits 

IPO Monitor equity offerings to discerning competitor financing strategy.

ECDR IPO calendar

CAST See a debtor’s organization and capital structure

ERN Earnings Summary

EE Earnings Estimates

CACS A calendar of corporate actions and events for security.

RELS Related securities

TSM Displays the Trade Summary Matrix tab 

WEI Get comprehensive market surveillance for global equities markets.

VAP Displays the Volume at Price tab

RV Comparing a stock to its peers across various metrics. 

QR A quote-by-quote and trade-by-trade history for selected equity.

EM Estimates Matrix

EQRV Evaluating whether a company is fairly valued relative to peers.

AQR Average Quote Recap

TRA Allows for the calculation of the total return for a security over a specified period

CM Monitor the key events that are influencing a company’s stock price.

Excel tools

XLTP Access to a library of Excel templates for custom data analysis.

DAPI Retrieves data into Excel using Bloomberg API formulas.

FLDS Locating specific Excel fields for your formulas.

Fixed income

SRCH Search fixed income securities for trends and trade ideas.

FIT Fixed income electronic trading platform

DDIS See the maturity distribution of debt for a selected issuer.

YAS Price fixed income securities and calculated yields in one place.

BTMM Assesses a country’s current interest rate environment. 

ALLQ Dealer-contributed prices in real-time for corporate bonds.

DEBT Determines the holders who are most exposed to a country’s debt.

WB Monitor sovereign bond yields, spreads, and performance.

CRPR Assesses the creditworthiness of an issuer or fixed-income security.

CRVF Search for curves that are relevant to your fixed income market analysis.

SRSK Get transparent, quantitative estimates of the 1-year default probability of a country’s sovereign debt and 5-year CDS spread.

Mergers & acquisitions

BUYP View M&A buyer profiles to peg possible acquirers for your assets.

MA Track and analyze M&A and arbitrage spread data in real-time.

MARB Monitor real-time merger and acquisition arbitrage spread data.

MRGC Evaluates hypothetical merger scenarios.

PE Access functions for PE fundraising, screening, and market monitoring.


N Main news menu

TOP Get the day’s top worldwide news stories in one place.

TWTR Search for Twitter news on Bloomberg.

NSE Custom news search

CN See top news on a specific company.

NSE MNA Filtered custom news search constrained to Mergers and Acquisitions

FIRS Read summarized news stories to track market-moving news.

SALT Set up email alerts for news on the companies you follow.

NSE COS Filtered custom news search constrained to corporate news

BRIE Read Bloomberg newsletters on markets, economics, and industries.

NSE COS Filtered custom news search constrained to corporate news

NSE BBEA Filtered custom news search constrained to Earnings and downgrades

Portfolio management

PRTU Create, manage, and share your portfolios for analysis in PORT.

PORT Analyze portfolio performance, scenario analysis, and exposure.

EQBT Back-test fundamental investment strategies

UNCL Create custom classifications to aggregate your portfolio or benchmark.

BBU Upload your portfolios, benchmarks, and custom data for analysis in PORT.

CDE Create custom fields to use your unique data across the Bloomberg Terminal.

Training & navigation

BMC Bloomberg certification and learn more about the financial markets.

BHL Bloomberg Help and Learning Center.

BPS Locate topic-specific cheat sheets and videos.

BU Search for and enroll in a wide variety of webinars and training resources.

Additional resources

MSG Sends and manages email communications through the email account.

MRUL Manage message rules, including forwarding emails to your email to your email account (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.).

JOBS Search for jobs in the finance industry. 

PDF Default settings

PEOP Proprietary people databases where you can filter for alumni.

MVP Most-viewed public figures on Bloomberg over the last day, week, or month.

RICH View the world’s highest-net-worth individuals.

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