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Hey everyone, first time posting, long time WSO prowler.

I was hoping to get some opinions about what I should do this summer.

I'm a freshman at a semi-target or target depending on how you look at it, and I'm probably going to end up with a pretty strong GPA (hopefully no second semester collapse)

The last few years I've operated a landscaping business with my friend and its been pretty profitable. We get a lot of clients in our area, and I think its been valuable experience in establishing customer relations, and taking a leadership/responsibility role with the work we do.

My question is whether to continue to operate the landscaping service (likely for a final summer and hopefully profit off of client referrals to other year-round landscaping companies) OR desperately try to get a PWM or other finance related internship.

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sell your business, looks great on resume. Built it, made money from it while reasonable, knew I needed more relevant experience, sold it to focus on internship.

    Rarely will any of my posts have enough forethought/structure to be taken seriously.