CFA Weekend

Time to get it done, Saturday is the day. A little last minute for this post but: Who's taking it/What level/What number will this attempt be/How are you feeling about it?

I'll be siting for level 2, will be my second go at it. Passed level 1 first try the previous December and didn't have enough time to get through all of level 2 last year. I have to say I feel much more prepared this year having had a full 6 months to go through the material. Still, I'll never feel fully confident about a test that fails more than half of its takers.

How's it looking?


Just graduated school. taking L1 for the first time and I'm pretty nervous. with classes and job hunting and this,and trying to have a social life, it was hard to manage it all. Worst comes to worst I'll take L1 in december. good luck to everyone


whats your take on the designation man? Will the structural change in Asset Management, I'm simply not as motivated to go through with it. I'm trying to get on the institutional sales/distribution side of the business in a non research role.

We're not lawyers. We're investment bankers. We didn't go to Harvard. We Went to Wharton!

Taking Level I Heading into senior year (had senior credit standing as junior) Feeling okay overall. Weakest section is definitely Quant (mainly the stats) and strongest sections are fixed income and FRA. Been doing ~200 QBank questions a day to review and I still don't feel 100% How have you guys been doing on practice exams?


You'll never feel 100% confident going in. The few people I have known that felt like they had various levels in the bag generally ended up failing. The exams do not inspire confidence in oneself (until after you find out you passed). They inspire self-doubt. Try your best not to allow your mental state to swing too far in either direction and you'll be able to focus on the task at hand. Good luck.

EDIT: I didn't read far enough down to see ai215's comment about not feeling 100% confident. Sorry about that. I reiterate your point.

"Successful investing is anticipating the anticipation of others". - John Maynard Keynes

Secyh62 same trajectory as me, you'll be good to go this time around.

L3 time for me, hoping to be done forever after Saturday. Feeling good, but as CFA vets know, you can never feel 100%. I've put in more work than I ever did for previous levels, so i'm hoping that gets me over the final 55% pass rate


Ya my worst two sections right now are derivatives and FRA so I'm working on those two the most in these last two days, but I agree, a lot of my score is going to be the draw. If its equity, corp finance, and ethics max weights I should pass no issue but if derivs or FRA get max weights I'll be cutting it a little closer. Averaging 70 after 3 full schweser mocks which is much better than where I was this time last year, but still tough to feel confident.


FRA is pretty important, I would definitely focus your final day there. I would also advise not over-working yourself tomorrow, I'm a big believer in going in with a fresh mind


Level II, first attempt here. I definitely did not get in the amount of time I dedicated to Level I in December 16. The timing on completing the L1 and then having to wait until February before you can get materials really hurts. Between that and speed bumps at work I am about 3 weeks behind where I wanted to be.

Also, FWIW I started with the quant section and it really drained my motivation for the exam. By the time I got into the content I find more stimulating I was questioning whether I still wanted to do it, and it took me some time to ramp back up and get motivated. So I have a feeling I'll be LII again next year....FcK.

(PS: If I worked as hard on studying as I did in coming up with all the above excuses I would probably pass)


would be so much better if they offered levels 2 and 3 in december much easier to study when you aren't distracted by patio weather and thirst traps at the pool


Taking L1 on Saturday. Not feeling too great (mocks have fluctuated from 55-75) but I've heard from lots of people that the mocks are more difficult. Been slacking the past two weeks in studying (first job out of ugrad). I guess we'll see what happens.


Really not looking forward to L2 tomorrow. December L1 could not have gone smoother, I was extremely well prepared and actually enjoyed studying. I think I burnt myself out a little and work life really picked up since. The worst part about CFA prep is the fact of how easy it is for life to get in the way and you to really lose track of days quickly and missed study days add up fast. Gonna keep that PMA but think I'm gonna need two cracks at it this time. Good luck L1 & L3. I hope a lot of you Level 2 guys do awful to be honest.

Best Response

When the moderators say pencils down, they really just mean "ok guys start wrapping up what you are doing. Feel free to spend a couple more minutes on this problem and finish up when you feel comfortable." The myth that you have to stop when they say pencils down is just haters that don't want you to get an extra question right.

Also, make sure to talk about the exam and the questions right after you finish them with each other. Honestly, if you feel comfortable, just assume you passed and start calling yourself a Level III candidate.

Just the fact that you even want to study for the exam, the institute trusts that you will be a CFA one day, so also just feel free to add those three letters to your name early while you're at it.

Don't forget, it's only gay if you look at the other guy's dick.

That's about it for now. Rules to live by.

We're not lawyers. We're investment bankers. We didn't go to Harvard. We Went to Wharton!

Level 1 tomorrow, a lot of procrastination at times, yet general dedication to the material the past 6 months. Hitting some ethics review and questions now followed by an epi of house of cards and a solid 7-8 hour snooze. I look forward to rolling in to the exam room tomorrow answering questions with speed and precision and then leaving the facility with my nutsack hanging out of my cargos to head straight to my car to rip a bowl and head home where I'll take a couple more mock exams for old times sake.


Level 2 today in São Paulo.

Passed the level 1 last year in my first attempt. Having less than 5 months to prepare for level 2 isn't easy, but I believe that it can be done.


Hey, I have just sit for lvl 2. I think I did good, but I am quite afraid I have violated the rules and my exam will be voided.. I took my fitbit with me (its a fcking watch!) to the room and, like I would do with any other watch, I took it off my wrist and placed it on the desk. When I came back from the WC, the proctor asked me to handle the watch. So I did. After the exam I asked the proctor if there was going to be a written report about the fcking watch, she told me she had to write a report but that she would say that I was not wearing it, nor looking at it. So, short question: How fcked am I?


Did well on Ethics, QM, CF, Equity. and FRA. More or less on AI, Econ, PM Bad on Fixed Income, Derivatives

Think it's more or less what it's needed to go toward into Level 3...


I only found one section in the PM session to be brutal, all in all was not as bad as I was expecting. Everyone says level 2 is the only exam where CFAI goes out of their way to try to trick you.


Got a scholarship from my undergraduate school during my senior year to take it, so I'll be there.

Started studying on Saturday though....

Got a scholarship from my undergraduate school during my senior year to take it, so I'll be there.

Started studying on Saturday though....

I have to wonder if this was a joke, if it's not, just stop now because you are wasting your time.

i'm averaging about 75% on practices, i can only hope i learned something from taking them. i'm sitting for level 1

That's about where I am.