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Hi everyone,

I'm a sophomore studying at a West Coast target, and I'm in the interview process for Dallas IMD. After finishing my hirevue around 2 weeks ago, I got an invitation for an IMD superday for this upcoming Tuesday. However, the recruiter told me that the superday will be virtual, and they'll send me a video call invite and conduct the interview there. Should I consider this as a final round (I'll prep like it is to be safe), or do you think there'll be an IRL round after that? I'd really appreciate some feedback-- thanks.

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Hey Trojan1999, I think you deserve a response...heck, everyone does. We're listening, sorry about the delay best guess at places on WSO that could help:

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Sorry this is too late but yes this is a super day IMO as I know someone who did a virtual one for another regional office at Goldman. Sometimes they do this to save money instead of having you fly out. How did it go?

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Thanks for the response! I was looking forward to flying out and meeting some of the analysts there haha unfortunate but still better than no interview.

The superday went pretty well in my opinion. I had 3 interviews in 2 hours over video call. They asked all the typical technicals and behaviorals you'd expect in a PWM interview; they appreciated my diligence on my special situation short and mkt outlook, so I think technicals are good. What's funny is that, of the 3 interviewing pairs, 2 noticed my interest in gaming on my resume and actually asked me about my favorite game. The last advisor I spoke even asked me about whether or not he should consider getting a Nintendo Switch for his kids, so I'm hoping that's a good sign (they weren't turned off and trying to leave?). Hoping to hear back in the next few days, but anything can happen.

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Anything catch you off guard? & definitely think it's a good sign as they're showing an interest in you! Goldman is known for a people-oriented culture also. Interested to hear what your special short and market outlook was

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Fortunately, I didn't get caught off guard by any of the questions. As long as you search up PWM/intern behaviorals online and prep responses, you'll be good to go. I created my short thesis on a radio broadcasting company. Essentially did some research on a recent Chapter 11 bankruptcy, talked about the company's inevitability to disappoint in Q3 + Q4, and then talked about lender pressures towards a liquidation that'll leave shareholders with nothing. As for market outlook, the usual stuff. Trade tensions, rising rates, the yield curve, midterms, etc. You in the process right now?

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not currently, just interested to hear other peoples thoughts on the market. Was this position for PWM or AM?

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