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If you made money today, great, I'm happy for you. But let's pump the brakes on calling this a "bottom". The current generation of investors is used to "flash crashes" but have forgotten that tough economic times are measured in months and years; most people you talk to today think the bad times will be shorter than an episode of the Kardashians. 


Oh? Because you're buying a 3x lever fund to get rich slowly??? Yeah, OK. 


Did you actually buy into TQQQ at its inception? Damn you're a fucking god. How did you know about this shit back then?


Lmao this post is retarded. Boomer says we are looking too short term when TQQQ is literally up in any horizon greater than 1yr. One correction and he thinks TQQQ is a bad investment?

How about we do an OTC trade GoingToBeAnMD, you write an ATM naked call option with Sep 2023 expiry, and I'll be your counterparty. We'll see who is right then 😂😂😂

And to answer your question, "where is our god?" He is up 12,000+% since 2010. How much are you up since then big fella?🥴


You obviously don't know how to read or don't know how options work, either way I wouldn't be surprised.

Fun fact: it is not Sept 2023 yet :)

Also fun fact: when someone buys a contract and the value goes down, they don't owe any more money 🤡

You can't decide to take a bet months later, but it's actually more in my favor now so I am still down if you want to write one now you goof 


Holy shit this forum is so pathetic. It's like some of you are the hall monitor trying to make sure everyone stays chained to their desk. I'm not even involved in any of the levered funds until now (recently took advantage of this correction, already green) but some of you all are so pathetic just bashing frustrated analysts who are trying to make something of themselves. They put their conviction on the line and took a shot. It means a hell of A LOT more than some of you career corporate types who have done the same routine your entire miserable adult life.

Would you say the same about someone starting a business and failing at first? Life is about taking the chances. Worst case scenario? They end up LIKE YOU being just another careerist. Best case? You'd probably off yourselves even hearing the potential alternatives...


So true.  These young analysts are heroes, up there with the troops.  


You do understand that every time a topic gets a reply or an SB, it moves up higher & higher on the WSO front page, right?

It's all a meta game. I'm not mad at you, I'm just disappointed that I have to explain this to you. C'mon man . . .


You're an odd fella. Aren't you pretty senior in your career? I've seen you break your arm patting your back on other threads over how you've been safely socking away money in safe investment vehicles, which is 100% the way to go, but why are you now indulging in other people's misery and misfortune? You do understand you want to be on the cheerleading side of other people making money, right? That's how you also win because people remember those celebrating their wins and run-ups to wins fondly vs. those waving their cane at them.


You've missed my posts about people who use anon being cowards. If you had any conviction in what you wrote you wouldn't be ashamed to put your name on it. I simply don't respect cowards. 


Well the video game continues, as I wrote a while back 2022 is one big macro fun casino and sticking with that view. Wage inflation/energy crisis is here. I give a lot of respect to the kids who stick their guts out and keep true to their position, even though they go ape shit if mention that TQQQ could be wiped out if everyone suddenly panicked (again prospectus says this) not saying it will happen. Chasing the VIX/QYLD/etc will drive you crazy...but taking a breath and not buying the TQQQ asap to know the market vol is there (not a straight line) still think is the way to go.

Good job to those who got the dip.


100% agree with this take. You can be very bullish on TQQQ with a long-term outlook (5+ years) while still being cautious right now and not jumping in head-first given the macro environment and massive volatility we're likely to face this year. I'm pretty confident this won't be your last bite at the TQQQ apple. I'd definitely encourage buying the QQQ dip after the sizeable recent pullback we've seen in tech, but it's another proposition altogether buying the 3X leveraged TQQQ dip. Might be a good time for a very small starter position, though.


I am buying all the way down in weekly increments (total capital to be deployed / 104 weeks). Assumption is this will be the first "prolonged" bear market since 08-09, so no way to really know where the bottom is.

Similar. I have a cash position to be deployed over 12 months, in addition to whatever is left over of my monthly savings

if we drop an additional 12 months in a row, then we have much bigger issues at hand 

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