How much are you able to save as Analyst in London?

Hi Monkeys,

Wanted to ask you what does your monthly budget look like as an Analyst in London?

The money seems to be slipping through my fingers. My monthly budget looks like the following:
1. Housing incl. bills - £1,600
2. Groceries - £150-200
3. Transport - £100
4. Going out (drinks, dinners out, coffees etc.) - c.£300-500
5. Subscriptions, Phone, Gym - £130
Total c.£2,300 - £2,500.

I am on £75k base, which is roughly £4,200 per month net. Not considering bonus.

Is this in line with what you are spending? Note that above excludes any travel and one-offs like medical bills, birthdays, anniversaries etc. Trying to check I am not inflating my lifestyle too much.

Would appreciate your contributions!

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  • Analyst 2 in IB-M&A

Hey mate - Looks pretty standard to me, you're saving more than me as an AN2 though:

- Net Pay (post tax, medical and dental insurance): 4,440

- Bills (phone/gym/Netflix & other subscriptions): 190

- Rent: 1,400

- Other/Have Fun: 1,278

- Savings: 1,565

Note: some months I use the "savings" for the month on holidays (e.g. Summer and Winter). Intend to save 100% of bonus.


UKIBBoutique, what's your opinion? Comment below:

A1 LMM IB - £50k

Save £500 a month but live in a house share in SW London (Clapham / Balham / Stockwell).

Plan to save majority of bonus.

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  • Associate 1 in IB - Cov

Not an analyst but roughly the same take home pay so hopefully useful. Your budget looks pretty standard to me.

On my side, net monthly pay of £4,500 split as follows:

1. Housing incl. bills - £1,900

2. Food - £350

3. Subscriptions (gym, Netflix etc.) - £200

4. Personal spending - £500 

5. Charity - £50

6. Savings - £1,000

Anything that's left (should be around £500 if I stick exactly to this budget) I throw into an easy access savings account and use for things like travel, birthdays etc. 

There are obvious places in my budget I could cut back - I don't need to go to a high-end gym or buy such expensive groceries. But my opinion is that as long as I'm not struggling for money, these things make me happy, improve my lifestyle, and are worth the extra expense.

  • Analyst 1 in IB-M&A

Hey there!

Thanks for your comment. Totally agree on things take make you happy - I used same rationale when decding on a place where I will move in and went for the more expensive, but higher quality one. It makes a big difference in my well being and mental health. 

My groceries are only this low due to the dinner allowance of my bank that kicks in on all weekdays and some weekends.

  • Analyst 1 in ER

70k base and your budget looks pretty standard and comparable to mine but big thing you're not factoring into your net pay is pensions. Even if you don't plan to stay in the UK, private pension contribution, and specifically the associated match from the bank, is basically free money. Including my pension, investments, and savings I put away about ~1.7k a month excluding bonus. But that number fluctuates a bit depending on how social and active I felt that month.

  • Quant in PropTrad

not an analyst but 1 yoe:

100k base => after taxes, pension and student loan (£500 student loan is fucked bros), £4700 split:

1. Housing incl bills - £1400

2. Biz expenses - £350

3. Subscriptions (phone, etc) - £10

4. Personal spending (drinks, clothes, electronics, gifts, holidays, eating out, etc) - £1500

5. Essential groceries - £200

Savings: ~1000

Cost is for 2 ppl as I pay everything for my mom and all her earnings go directly into savings. Still could save a tonne tho for sure.

  • Quant in PropTrad

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