Also have very strong technicals knowledge and can cold email until my fingers fall off


How did you get an soph BBIBD from non target, and non diversity? Smelling some 🧢


> what EBs should I target for SA 2022?

All of them. There's not that many, why limit your efforts to only a few?

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> I hear Centerview hates us 

We all do. 

In seriousness, it's called a non-target for a reason. It's going to be an uphill battle everywhere, but you can definitely still get something. There's no value in someone telling you a bank is more "non-target friendly". Just put in the effort and shoot your shot at all of them. Good luck. 


It'll be tough but doable at any EB, especially given that you'll already have a BB internship before your junior summer. My guess is the toughest ones to break into as a non-target would be the newer boutiques like Raine, Liontree, M Klein. PJ Solomon is another one where they seem to exclusively recruit students from schools like Harvard or Michigan. If you're talking about a more established boutique like a Moelis, LazardEvercore, it will definitely be possible to get into the interview process through networking with people at those firms. 


also if anybody could comment who calls the shots mainly for EB recruiting for BBs it was mostly As/ASo, any difference at EBs?


Guys, I know it is the nature of how the brain works to speculate but this stuff is pretty random. Apply to and network with all of them, it is all there is to it. There is a lot going on behind the scenes that you don't know about. Which MD is pulling for his alma matter which may be a semi-target or whatever...Trying to answer these questions is at best very difficult because there are 1mm different dynamics at play and it changes over time.


It is about hard, be nice/humble, don't get discouraged. Don't attribute everything to your school. 


Just hustle it out dude, also from non target at EB, good you had BB before junior summer, how'd you land that with non diversity?


Pretty much all of the banks less PJT take a fair amount of non-target kids. Centerview is elite but tough to target, since their recruiting is so late. Hopefully you have an offer from somewhere else by then...just network your ass off everywhere and you will be fine (speaking from personal experience).


Thank you,  I have no alumni in any of these firms but lots of nontarget people usually reply back hope more do when I say I'm an incoming  BB IBD SA so they know I'm competent 


PWP, Moelis, and Evercore seem to take non-targets. PWP takes basically 70% of the class via their diversity program where they are a bit more nicer on non-targets. Moelis cares really about the person and the mentality and some non-targets cut it cause they grind a lot as you can imagine. Evercore has a lot of group besides M&A and RX that takes non-core. 


PWP and Moelis are very open to "untraditional" schools (i.e. not your typical targets). On the other end of the spectrum, Evercore and Lazard are probably the least friendly (very heavy on targets) 


Not all are mainstream targets but for Moelis they are

Thank you for confirming that Moelis is open to non-traditional schools like IU Kelley, which isn’t a target but gets recruiting from Moelis


Looking at the CVP superday list for 2021 this year, like 70% of the kids came from Ivy+, 20% from top public schools, and the remaining 10% from the most random assortment of schools I've seen in finance. Don't know how the actual SA class turned out school wise but the firm is clearly open to interviewing people from wherever, just need to get the interview.


appreciate you looking for me, do you know who calls the shots for recruiting at CVP?


I do not, but everyone from analysts to the co-founders were involved in the superday so I'd guess it's rather holistic.


CVP is really interesting. Obviously majority representation from the Ivy’s but if you check LinkedIn, you’ll find kids from random schools like Amherst, SMU and Illinois.

Their interview process is really tough but if you can get through it, they don’t seem like they discriminate. 

Don’t know if one specific person “runs” the interview process. Seniors are super involved throughout. 


Co-founders gave a pep talk prior to the superday and the invite email to that was not Bcc'd so you could see the email of everyone who was doing the superday which were 99% school emails