Piper Sandler MN Healthcare SA 2024

Does anyone know about Healthcare IB for Piper Sandler MN. I have an offer for SA 2024 and am curious because it is a unique location. Want to know everyone's thoughts on the location and sector.

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ch01, what's your opinion? Comment below:

MedTech and HCIT groups do very well. I'm from MN, so PM me for more info. 

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Healthcare in Minneapolis is split between HCIT and MedTech, both of which do pretty well. Can't speak as much to HCIT, but Medtech competes with BBs and has solid deal flow consistently as they have strong relationships with sponsors and a lot of the large strategics. The Medtech team has worked on some big deals within the industry (which is small) and is probably the strongest MM in the space 

Medtech is definitely the more chill of the two groups in Minneapolis in terms of hours; HCIT guys work A TON, but I've heard that this is getting better in recent months and culture in both is good

In terms of the location, the office is downtown Minneapolis, but they'll be moving in 2025 to a new building in the North Loop (trendier / more upscale area of Minneapolis while still close to downtown). IMO, the Twin Cities are super underrated (tho I am biased bc I live there) and there's a lot to do, and summers in MN are unbeatable

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chipotleassociate, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Haven't networked there for a few years as all my connections jumped ship as soon as it made sense.

As the other chimps said, good for deal flow. But they're leaving out the big issues which are comp and hours.

Now this is dated to pre-pandemic, but back then they definitely worked you NYC hours for MN pay. Buddy of mine was An2 getting sub 175k and wrecked for 110 hours per week in office. He had a keycard log that verified these hours.

Maybe they dramatically changed things since, but if I were you I'd get the brand and immediately recruit for a better bank. You can get more pay / prestige for those hours, or if you're wanting less hours you'll have your pick of the MM with that brand on your resume and a good reference.

nontarget29, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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