I’d use Bloomberg, CapIQ, etc (any screener tool where you can screen for Tech M&A deals) and output a column that has financial advisor. You can then try control + F for Citi and see what you get. The issue is you don’t really know to what extent they were involved if there were multiple advisors, but hopefully the info you get from this is a good starting point 


Here's a comment from another post about Citi Tech that mentioned a few recent M&A deals that they worked on and some information about the group in general. Seems like they've been on the grind over the past year.

- exclusive sell-side advisor to EVO (NASDAQ: EVOP)'s $4.0bn sale to Global Payments (NYSE: GPN)

- exclusive sell-side advisor to Mimecast's $5.8bn sale to Permira

- exclusive sell-side advisor to Nearmap's $1.1bn sale to Thoma Bravo

- lead sell-side advisor to Forcepoint's $2.5bn sale of its G2CI business to TPG

- sell-side advisor to Kape Technologies' $1.5bn sale to Teddy Sagi

- exclusive sell-side advisor to Zix (NASDAQ: ZIXI)'s $860mm sale to OpenText (NASDAQ: OTEX)

- exclusive sell-side advisor to IBM's sale of its i2 product portfolio to Harris Computer Systems

- lead sell-side advisor to Serverfarm's majority sale to Manulife

- exclusive buy-side advisor to SK Hynix's $9.0bn acquisition of Intel's NAND/SSD business

- buy-side advisor to GTCR's $11.7bn majority acquisition of Worldpay

- buy-side advisor to Advent International and Permira's $14bn acquisition of McAfee

- buy-side advisor to Tibco Software's $16.5bn merger with Citrix Systems

- buy-side advisor to Broadcom's $69.7bn acquisition of VMware

Can confirm that Citi SF Tech is progressing rapidly and have emerged as a key player in large-cap tech M&A, though haven't heard a lot of good things about their culture/hours and it seems like a very brutal experience for analysts since the group runs quite lean at the junior level.

Nonetheless, they've worked on a number of sizable M&A deals so far this year, such as being the exclusive sell-side advisor to Mimecast's $5.8bn sale to Permira, exclusive buy-side advisor to SK Hynix's $9.0bn acquisition of Intel's NAND/SSD business, buy-side advisor to Vista Equity Partners & Elliott Management's $16.5bn acquisition of Citrix, and buy-side advisor to Broadcom's $69.7bn acquisition of VMware, just to name a few. They've also recently won a few major ($10bn+) M&A mandates, so deal-flow is ramping up quickly. Makes for a great technical experience at the analyst level given the size/complexity of the deals and the fact that they do M&A in-house, if that's what you're looking for. 

My firm has worked across Citi SF Tech on a few deals and it's clear that they've got some really sharp analysts, but everyone seem to be overworked as deal teams are often understaffed across the juniors. Exits-wise, they have done great recently especially this past cycle, with analysts going to top MF/UMM PE firms such as Silver LakeThoma BravoCarlyle, Permira, Elliot Management PE, Hg Capital, GI Partners, Platinum Equity, Charlesbank, H.I.G., Marlin Equity, and Vector Capital. If you're interested in growth equity, they've also placed analysts into some of the best GE shops, including TA Associates, Summit, JMI Equity, Softbank, and Spectrum Equity. If you don't mind the bad culture/hours and just want to spend 2 years in IB and exit to the buy-side, this could be a great role. Probably not the best place if you want to stay in IB for the long-term and want a better lifestyle/WLB.


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