Switch from BB IBD to MBB Consulting after 1 yr as an Analyst?

Realized after consulting FT application deadlines had passed that I would be much happier in a consulting role than in IBD. I have an IBD offer from a top BB, and am now hoping to do 1 year as an analyst and try and transition to consulting after (MBB preferably). I'd be willing to start over as a 1st year Business Analyst in consulting.

How can I do this? 

(Know there are some old threads out there related to this, but any and all insight on whether things have changed is very much appreciated.)

I know someone who did this in reverse (MBB consulting FT to BB banking FT), I'm sure the reverse is possible as well. They mentioned they did a ton of networking to get into banking, which makes sense, not sure how it works in reverse.

It's definitely doable, I'd target McKinsey and Bain (I've heard BCG has basically shut down hiring, can't imagine they're doing too well). If you have any friends or contacts (even school alumni) at your firms of choice, just reach out to start networking and get an idea of what the hiring situation would look like. 

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