From another post, last years full figures were: 

Aso1: 25k

Aso2: 60k


No need to bump this, our figures are disclosed tomorrow and I’m sure this thread will be very, very interesting.

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Heard around that WB had another round of layoffs recently, not sure how extensive


We’ll find out tomorrow, but mgmt made it pretty clear bonuses will be worse than last year for most (though with higher variance)


Didn't think it was possible to be worse than last year


Ain't no way a 3yr analyst's comp is 70k GBP. If so, WB must be a pretty crappy place to work at. I earned 50k as a non-IB non-BB offcycle intern last year in London lol.


If you’re an AN3 in London, which you seem to be based on your profile, you’re at $115k base, not $90k. You would’ve also gotten a half year bonus as a third-year (assuming you’ve been with the firm long enough) of $20k in addition to your YE bonus of $5k, which should be combined as your total FY23 Bonus.


Why call the incentive comp something other than a bonus?


Not that I work there, but I would be rushing for the doors. Numbers I heard are TERRIBLE. 


Oh, I don't know, anywhere besides Blair? Why would anyone with self respect work these types of hours for this pay? The common theme in the bullpen has become  envying the people who were laid off last year. 


I would encourage people to leave, and ignore work to job search, interview, etc.

Big picture—yes, fortunate to have a job and get experience etc. We can acknowledge that.

That being said, it is insane to work banker hours to be slapped in the face for the SECOND YEAR IN A ROW at a private company that gargles all day long about partnership and culture etc.

Didn’t they have mass layoffs in 2023 as well?

Baird and Blair have lit their reputations on fire and can’t see another mba associate candidate ever taking them seriously again.

I’m truly sorry for all those at WB, please don’t accept this and work to move ASAP


Can someone shed some light on where Blair went wrong? Layoffs, horrible bonuses, low return offers and things don’t seem to be getting much better.


It’s a down year for the industry yes but they stand out due to a) bad pay last year followed by b) significant layoffs followed by c) incredibly low comp this year

Not saying the market is in their hands but this many missteps in a row is not industry wide, uniquely poor management and thoughtfulness over the past 18-24 months


WB was hiring like the 2021 market was never going to cool down, definitely paying the price now