Real Estate Private Equity Final Round

Can anyone give details on what there final round interviews were like for REPE? What type of technical questions were asked. It is mostly meeting with all senior people (some investment some data people) so would love to get peoples thoughts on what they've experienced? Specifically if they were technical or more behavioral. Thanks!


Is this for an analyst/associate role?

My final rounds have all been very behavioral, the senior people generally have some token questions but most turned into conversations about investment/firm strategy, past experiences (internships) and deals, etc.. They are generally looking to see if you would be a fit for the culture, i.e. are you someone they can comfortable talk to for a while. I don't think I was every really asked technical questions, that was generally first/second rounds -> or they inferred your technical skillset from previous work experience.

I would be very briefed on recent firm developments, press releases, deals done, and if possible try to figure out how you could bridge things in your background to their experiences. Most of the seniors will have bios on the websites so you should be able to have a good idea where they came from (acqusitions, banking, IS, etc...).


Typically - and of course there are always exceptions - the final round doesn't have technicals. At this point, they've decided you are intelligent and qualified enough to do the job. Now they are trying to figure out if they want to work with you day in and day out.

Do you come across and personable? Knowledgeable? Put together?

Those are the things they will most likely be looking for.

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Final rounds tend to be more for 'confirmation' or 'ranking'... that depends if you are really competing with others at this stage or not. If it is with a bunch of senior people and its for an an associate role then it could be for 'confirmation'. Don't take anything for granted, but you should approach final rounds with a greater sense of confidence, they want to make sure you can fit in the culture, the earlier interviews have likely cleared you in the ability to do the job.

With associate level, they may be picking the top 3 out of 5 invited for final rounds, the more that is the case the more "tough" questions you may get. Still, I think being a bit more confident in your approach is advised, they want to see that you WANT the job.


That makes sense - thank you! this is random but do most people go into the final round ranked evenly? Or is it usually someones to lose (understanding it's probably impossible to tell haha)


I don't think there is a rule on this at all. There may be 'favorites' held by some in the interview process, but there may not be agreement. There is the 'final' that is really to get someone past an interviewer who may have been negative on a candidate in prior rounds but liked by everyone else.

Frankly, it is not worth worrying about, just be most awesome self. The only FACT is that you made it to the next round, others didn't...... that is a very positive signal, just take it for what it is.


Nothing to worry about if you are in the final round technical wise.

Not sure how other firms recruit, but here is our process (top 5 REPE):

1) Phone Screen 2) In-Person Superday Interview (blend of technical and behavioural) 3) Select few will be invited in for a 3 hour case study (to make sure that you walk the walk and talk the talk) 3) Final candidates will be invited again to present the case 4) Final round (usually meant to meet the Head to get the checkmark from him/her)

My peers at other top 15 REPE have also indicated a similar process.

Hope this helps.

On a side note, you won't believe the amount of kids that talk a big game, and when we invite them in for a case study, their whole facade breaks down. One kid even wrote an apology letter.


Hi crashboy, i am really curious how your final round went. I am having a final round coming up as well (2nd yr analyst though) and I am looking for some advice. Was it mostly behavioural or did they hit you with hard questions?

Very happy to hear your insights.



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