BMO Metals & Mining or RBC Tech

Once again, BMO Mining (Toronto) vs. RBC Tech (SF). As mentioned earlier:

BMO is a great bunch of guys, the best culture I have seen on the street, and the deal flow in the mining group is top-notch. RBC on the other hand has a solid US growth plan in the MM arena but I have no idea about their west coast operations. I am heavily leaning towards BMO mining at this point. I am going for a 1st year analyst position btw. Any thoughts?

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Sep 29, 2010

BMO no question their metal and mining group is known to be the top metals and mining group on the street.

If you were debating between BMO Chicago vs. RBC SF, then I would not be to sure, but metals and mining all the way man.

Congratulations and I'm sending you a PM regarding BMO.

Sep 29, 2010

Yes BMO M&M, top M&M advisor in NA (#1 in world for gold).

Sep 30, 2010

Does RBC have a decent tech group?

Sep 30, 2010

In canada: yes.

in US: mm (though pretty decent mm) in terms of coverage but occasionally sneak their way into bigger deals (ex: silver lake/skype) through their strong balance sheet/financing ability.

Sep 30, 2010

I agree with you from the BMO guys I met, and guys I know who went there. Best culture by far.

Their mining team is top notch, as long as you do not value sleep much. The choice for sure.

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Sep 30, 2010

I don't know mining and metals banks to be honest. However, unless you're sure that you want to stay in M&M afterward, I would highly recommend RBC.

Think, for a moment, that you were reviewing resumes. Which would you want to see - a #1 group at a 4th tier bank or any group at a 2nd tier bank whose name you actually know. If, as a recruiter/hiring manager, you REALLY know your shit, you might go with option A, but I would feel safe in assuming that the recruiter/hiring manager does not know that much (unless it's a M&M focused firm).

Sep 30, 2010

car ramrod - everyone in canadian finance/buyside shops knows bmo metals/mining's reputation, though yes, it might not transfer as well internationally

Sep 30, 2010

depending on what you wanna do..if you wanna go M&M then BMO, RBC Tech SF is actually doing quite well. Have a buddy working in that group and there are a lot stuff going on.

Personally I don't like doing NA so I would go with tech, but it's all personal preference

Oct 1, 2010

After BMO metals and Mining you get picked up really easy by HF, PE etc. Exit opps are amazing. In the finance community it is well know. Even on wall street.
It is tough hours though. Not for the weak.

Oct 2, 2010