Can you spot a Gold Digging Girl?

When it comes to women, unfortunately, men are dumber than s***.

Fortunately, when it comes to dating tips, advice can be easily sourced. First, remember your mom's and dad's words (it's safe to assume they're the only ones wishing you well unconditionally) and try not to get burned by chicks (like so many have been before you).

No. 1 Wherever the money is, diggers will be in great numbers !

That means social outlets of all sorts, not just lounge and expensive bars. It can be a Conference, reunion, even NYSE trading floor. And of course malls and luxury department stores. After all, the gold digger's dearest "sport" is shopping sprees with the best credit card of all, OPM (Other People's Money).

2. A big spender could also mean a gold digger.

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3. I am a big believer in first impressions, but do not judge a book by its covers. If you read the article cited in 2. above, pay attention to the purse/jewelry/shoes.

She is covered from head to toe with designer (name brand) clothes. Carries expensive purses. Pay close attention to the brand of the purse and how many of those she has. Most women have a crap load of purses. I understand the need to a few purses to match their different outfits. 10

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4. Deep, early interest in your portfolio.

And insurance "just in case"...

5. Doesn't offer to pay for dates- at least "go dutch".

6. Requests for small amounts of money i.e. salon or car insurance expenses are red flags: the gold digger is testing the waters to see if you're worth her time.

7. Make sure she can stand on her own two feet before you start spending money on her.

A girl without a job that lives beyond her means has the makings of a gold digger.

8. If she came out of a relationship with a [wealthier] man, there is a chance she is a "repeat offender". However, you must remember that Gold digging women are made, not born. You could be dealing with an early blossom.

9. A Gold digger won't stand by you when you hit hard times.

So if you've been dating someone for awhile, put her to the test: [at least for a few weeks, for heaven's sake] declare that you've lost your job or source of income, maybe even ask her for food and gas money. Tell her you've been served an eviction notice. See how she takes that.

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10. Ask :What is the best gift they've ever gotten? Gold diggers will virtually perpetually cite an highly charge, material object, not a solely private and thoughtful gift.

However, they could be swell versed and recite bull**** back to you.

BOTTOM Line: Spotting a gold digger is something you can really develop with age and experience. You just don't have it until you've swimmed in those shark infested waters. However, you can always check your wallet one month afterwards and see how much you've spend on her. If it looks bad, it probably is.

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