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I have been trying to research Citi Private Bank, but there really isn't a lot of information online. I have an offer from Citi Private Bank and was looking to hear what people had to say about them. I was wondering if anyone had any experience/insight on Citi Private Bank - would really appreciate any help. Thanks.

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Feb 10, 2016

What division/role, and at what level? Analyst?

Feb 12, 2016

I have an offer from them as well would love any info

Feb 13, 2016

It's a full-time analyst offer.

Feb 13, 2016

I'm not familiar with their specific analyst program but know Private Banking there is getting more popular as it becomes a big focus for the bank. Avoid "banker" roles and focus on investments positions for any of their junior positions. Banker support = data entry (at most shops now due to regulation). Investments support is more markets related work, putting together portfolios for rich dudes and pitching alt investments, etc. if that's what you're looking for.

May 20, 2016

May I know the interview process - eg. superday for Citi private banking?

Perpetually confused.

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May 20, 2016

Probably the same as most first round interviews - competancy, fit, motivation, background etc.

May 20, 2016

Hey FH_Chi, I think you deserve a response...heck, everyone does. We're listening, sorry about the delay best guess at places on WSO that could help:

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Calling relevant pros to the rescue! @Wu-Ming Yeung" @shuhaoting @Spencer-Schwartz

You're welcome.

May 20, 2016

So...any ideas on this particular job sector?

May 20, 2016

Does anyone have some insight into whether one could go to a top MBA program from the Analyst program at Citi Private Bank?

May 20, 2016

I agree with you they will be giving the more opportunities to exist . But it was the best for any person.

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May 20, 2016