Hello all - I would be really grateful if I could get some advice as to how best to move forward from my current situation.

I am a senior at a non-target (top 40) school, majoring in International Relations with minors in Middle Eastern Studies, History and Business in the Liberal Arts. My GPA is 3.5.

I do not have any brand name internships in the past - what I've had are: working for an oil and energy contractors in S.E. Asia, marketing summer associate with a 5* airplane company, fellowship at a IR non-profit, and research assistantships. I've had leadership positions in clubs and associations too.

If I am aiming to get into a top notch summer associates program at either MBB (which is everyone's dream) or some of the tier 2 firms - what else do I need to do on paper to get my foot in the door?

I understand networking is key - I've got informational interviews setup with ex-Mckinseyites who are willing to put me in touch with people working there currently so that is a plus, but I want to make sure I do everything else possible to stand a chance of being selected.

Case preparation is also vital - got that.

Apart from those two (case prep and networking), any other tips, pointers, advice on getting the foot in the door given my situation (which I believe a lot more other folks might be in as well; the non-target school situation).

I would appreciate any advice; as I'm entering my senior year, knowing early will give me a chance to strengthen areas I'm lacking in.


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I think you've got it (and I am coming from a similar situation). Networking at this point is key--the more people who know your name the higher the chance of your application being flagged. Make sure your resume and cover letter are flawless--have as many people that you can look those over for you. Reach out to people at the specific office location that you want to apply at as they have more of a say over if your resume gets flagged to be reviewed.

If you do make contacts at specific offices, follow up with emails once you've submitted your application--if you have formulated a good/open relationship that should be easier. Then it's about nailing the interview. Once you have the interview, stats and schools will make a small difference, but it's really about who the interviewers feel most comfortable with and who think can actually make a impact at the company.


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