Is Low tier BB IBD > Top tier REPE > Corporate PE possible?

I am an IBD associate at a low-tier BB. While I failed to land an offer of corporate PE, I may have an opportunity to join a REPE with a good brand name and solid deal flows. 

This REPE not only does asset-level investments but also is very proactive in corporate-level deals. These deals, though still RE-related, are like what corporate PE does (focusing on EBITDA rather than the assets).

Is it possible to leverage these corporate-level deal experiences to join a corporate PE in the future?

If the answer is "possible and very very difficult", how can I increase the possibilities? 

Any advice is highly appreciated.

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  • Associate 3 in PE - Other
Apr 8, 2021 - 6:51pm

Going to depend if you are at a standalone RE megafund (ie; Starwood) and what focus there is on distressed investing.  

I've generally seen the switch happen at distressed multi-asset class funds like the Oak trees, SVPs, Angelo Gordon's of the world. 

If at a Core /Core+ standalone REPE fund that does the occasional hotel deal, going to be significantly harder.

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