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In 2008, I worked on a tiny self-owned business. I worked with 3 other people as IT consultants for a handful of business clients in NYC, all of which were engineering firms. The business was an S-corp and only operated for 1.5 years (I got my first internship in finance and decided to forget about IT). It DID generate considerable profit relative to the time investment (sub-$100K, however).

I've had this on my resume during recruiting season under a "Leadership & Startup Experience" section, and interviewers always ask about it and find it pretty interesting. However, I now have another internship doing equities research, and am wondering if I should take out the business to make space for this, or find a way to keep them both on.

Should I present only my 3 internships in finance, and present a "straight path" trajectory for my career? Or should I keep the small business on it and risk getting a "not-finance oriented enough" sentiment from hiring managers?

I have an internship in management consulting, so even my 3 finance internships aren't completely relevant to IBD (the other two are equity research and Asset Management).

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