Texas REPE firms

Long time lurker curious to hear thoughts, lists, or ranks of the pure play REPE firms in Texas across Dallas, Austin, and Houston. Essentially, what names do you need to be aware of in Texas?Feel free to widen the lens on fund styles and strategies (allocator, operator, value add, opportunity, core+, pooled capital, separate accounts, PJVs, co-gp, etc)I'm aware there are individual lists based on some of these cities. But I am curious to see info and thoughts on an aggregate basis.

Feel free to include Fort Worth and San Antonio as well.

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Jun 22, 2021 - 7:14pm

I'll let you decipher the locations but there's quite a few groups worth checking out.  

Lone Star, Argosy Real Estate Partners, KKR (Houston), Virtus Capital, Crow Capital, Madison Reality Capital, Clarion Partners, CBRE global investors, Black Creek Group (now ares), merchant banks, Crescent Real Estate fund, Iron Point partners, RSF Partners, Dalfen, Triagate Capital, dozens of family offices, and many more.  Curious to hear other groups as well!

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Oct 23, 2021 - 9:39am

Dalfen is a terrible company to work for awful hr drones and family style hierarchy would not recommend basically an analyst revolving door. 

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Jun 23, 2021 - 6:11pm

Not to hijack the post here.  The Pere list is great but some ranks are a little, um, let's just say mendacious. Personally, I wouldn't consider firms like Hines, lasalle, pgim as your typical "repe", especially Hines, they just so happen to be on these lists because a fraction of their business which comes out to big numbers, relatively sneaking, qualifies them for pere's fund rank criteria.  

But yes, redever is right.  

Oct 22, 2021 - 11:52pm


Crow Holdings

Lone Star Funds

Dalfen (only industrial)

Goldman Merchant Banking


Stone Lake Capital Partners (also have offices in Houston / Dallas)

Hillwood (might not be considered REPE definitely do a ton of development as well as acquisitions)

Clarion Partners

Thackeray Partners

Crescent (might be considered more of a developer but does acquisitions)

MORE Residential (only multifamily)



Lionstone Investments

KKR (think only asset management in this office)

Nitya Capital (small but growing, lots of people think they are overpaying and might go broke / overall not a good shop so wouldn't recommend)


Virtus Real Estate Capital

Amherst (exclusively SFR but huge player in that growing space)

A ton of smaller acquisitions firms in DFW - definitely others in Houston / Austin but not as many.

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Oct 23, 2021 - 9:54am

Avoid Nitya at all costs. Just paid out a $60mm fine. Those boys are known for putting lipstick on a pig and squeezing nickels. Sweattttyyyyyyyy as hell

  • Associate 1 in RE - Comm
Oct 23, 2021 - 6:39pm

The group is very small but the background of their team was strong. They took a pass on a multi deal we presented them without any real dialogue, so didn't get to know them well. Sorry I don't have more info.

Oct 26, 2021 - 10:22am

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  • Associate 1 in RE - Comm
Oct 26, 2021 - 10:40am

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