I have a few questions about this group since it has been labeled a sweatshop and people say it doesn't retain many analysts past their first year. I'm interested in Healthcare and am strongly considering this group, so I would be extremely grateful if someone in UBS Healthcare or someone at UBS could answer the following:

1) Is this true? What makes this group so tough? Is it just the sheer amount of pitches/live deals that you work on?

2) Do you get adequate technical training in this group? Or does the group just push off all its models to M&A, etc.?

3) What do the hours tend to be like in this group. I've heard they are brutal.

4) What's the group culture like? From fellow analyst to MD, are people easy to work with?

Thanks in advance to those who answer.

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OP - I've met many ppl from BB's who are in Healthcare at their banks.

You WILL develop excellent skills in modeling. Ofcourse, there is moderate activity in healthcare most times of the year but is NOT entirely Recession proof, so keep that in mind. But, HC does tend to be among the industries where there is always activity going on.

Also, most Healthcare groups execute their own deals becuase HC is a bit more of a esoteric and recondite space therefore they dont gnerally source it to M&A. Most Healthcare groups at BB's execute their own deals which is great because you get to work with different products: equity, debt, m&a, etc.

I hope this help!

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UBS HC is a major sweat shop. apparently lorello is a maniac


UBS HC is a major sweat shop. apparently lorello is a maniac

This is the driver for the pain of that group. The EU team is into the funkiest most random emerging markets stuff you could ever think of (egyptian generics anyone?!). I served my time there. Was at the US offices once, prior to a big conference put on by UBS, it's the weekend and the office is filled with MDs...I get that working hard is important in banking, but bloody hell, if you have to work on the weekend when you're an MD, work from home!!

The culture of the group is work hard for Lorello and he will look after you. He is a workaholic so the group suffers. You learn a lot, and do pretty good deals, but it is pretty tough. Thing is, we always used to say, all nighters are normal in banking, UBS healthcare has a knack for turning 1 night into 2 or 3..


1) UBS does lots of tiny deals, and when i say lots i mean ~70 yearly last time i put together a league table. thus, they pitch a ton and do plenty of deals to complement it.

2) it's a good group in terms of dealflow, which is how you'll learn most of the important stuff

3) 80+ easy, expect 100. one word: sweatshop

4) no idea about the culture.

if you want more information about healthcare anywhere i'd be happy to talk to you.


thanks alot m0nk3y

anyone else have an idea about the group's culture?

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