I am starting to think my chances at a BB are diminishing. As a rising junior, I currently have a 3.4 cumulative GPA and a 3.9 major GPA(economics) at a top public university. This being the case, an internship next summer will rely heavily on the weight employers assign to major GPA. Is there anything wrong with just listing major GPA on a resume? I am not enrolled in a business school, so do you think that undertaking an honors concentration would significantly improve my chances? Any input is greatly appreciated.

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Putting only a major GPA will raise flags. Put both cum and your major since your major one is considerably higher. When you say you are at a "top public university" do you mean like a UVA (which is normally a target? A 3.4 isn't terrible especially since you have a strong major gpa. If your major was something like creative writing, then I think it'd be different.

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A standard resume includes your cumulative GPA. If you only list your major GPA, employers will either think a) that you don't know how to prepare a resume or b) you have something to hide. Obviously you don't want them thinking either one of these things. I'd go ahead and list it.


Is it dumb to list your major GPA if it's only marginally higher than the cumulative one? e.g. Cumulative GPA = 3.8, Major GPA = 3.9



i do believe that to be the case. i listed both cum and major gpa on my resume but that was because they were several points apart.


anyone here knows what the ideal gpa is to employers? cutoffs?


I think it's good to list both even if they are close together (assuming the major is ibanking-related - econ, business)--it shows that your cumulative GPA is not padded by a bunch of fluff electives (major GPA significantly lower than non-major GPA) for instance 3.7 cumulative = good, right? But if it's 4.0 non-major and 3.0 business/econ major to get to 3.7... = bad.

Only don't break it out if major is materially below cumulative.


Wow you guys are seriously overanalyzing this.


How bad is a 3.4 GPA/3.9 Major GPA from a non-target?

"I do not think there is any other quality so essential to success of any kind as the quality of perseverance. It overcom

In reply to bmw88

anyone here knows what the ideal gpa is to employers? cutoffs?

4.0 is ideal

0.0 is the cutoff if your dad is CEO of a big client or the employer itself (this is an exaggeration of course)

looking for that pick-me-up to power through an all-nighter?


This shit reminds me of the Matrix. You guys need to realize there isn't a specific rule when it comes to GPA. Analysts and Associates are screening resumes. This is shit duty at its finest and most people would rather get it done with and go home. Just email some people and be nice and hopefully you can get your resume pushed. Simple as that.

You just know that some people who freak out about their GPA so much will still have it listed 10 years after they start working. So funny.


Major GPA: 4.00 / 4.00 Cumulative GPA: 3.88 / 4.00

That is how I have mine listed. Few interviews said "wow, a 4.0.." then realized that cumulative was only a 3.88 and made a sarcastic comment about it being low.. lol

Then we joked about it for a second and started talking about other things.


Good thing ill be graduating summa


I have a similar split with my cumulative and major GPA, and I've heard mixed opinions from academic advisors. Mine said to list both, and another said to take it off. I had several interviews this year and was only questioned about it once by the interviewers.

If you're going to leave it on, just make sure you're prepared to answer why you're cumulative GPA is that much lower.


@M-002: Too bad you'll be graduating Summa from a state school. Ouch!!

Here's a good rule of thumb: "If it is not Ivy, do not hire it."

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