Bank of America vs. Greenhill

Title. I prefer EBs over BBs mainly due to the compensation difference, but it seems that Greenhill has been on a steady downtrend. Additionally, I think I would like to stay on as an associate, but it appears that Greenhill pushes analysts out after 2 years, whereas BofA has a clear analyst to associate promotion path.

I was wondering if anybody had insight on comparing these two banks? Especially at the satellite offices in Chicago.

if ur looking to stay in chicago, from a comp/exits/culture perspective greenhill is the best EB in the area

But what do you think about Greenhill’s struggles over the last decade? I’ve heard good things about GHL’s culture but am worried about it’s overall trend. Other EBs such as Moelis seem to have been doing great.

i dont rly have any opinion on it lmao but ghl is above pwp in the league tables this year for what its worth

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Yeah, Greenhill Chicago still gets great exits, I think they have had less turnover at senior level than NY and the seniors greatly help analysts place, mostly at top shops in Chicago (MDP, GTCR, Thoma Bravo, Vista). Would definetly take Greenhill Chicago over BofA Chicago. That said, if you are planning on staying, it is easy to get promoted at BofA these days and they are pretty flexible on people moving offices after a year or 2 if you wanted to go from a satellite office to a bigger hub. Greenhill definetly has better comp overall and BofA starts giving a sizeable amount of it in time-vested stock starting at the associate level so thats something to consider longer term. You could also try to lateral to another EB after a year or 2 if you are deadset on EBs, would definetly get good looks with a Greenhill backround. BofA Chicago has a nice office but is mostly if not all industrials coverage and believe that most of the interesting work is done out of NY whether its the industrials team or M&A running the model, so that may be something to consider.

Thanks for the detailed insight! I definitely have a lot to consider because my end goal is to lateral to one of the top EBs in Chicago such as Moelis, PWP, or Evercore.

Interestingly enough, I actually got the offer at BofA for NY but I'm really interested in internally lateraling to Chicago due to its low COL and because all of my family and friends are there.

Would that be a mistake in your view if I'm planning on taking the analyst to associate route. I think I'd also be interested in working up to VP.

Yea for Chicago you might be right, but it's the exact opposite in NY, just so the OP realizes.   

From what I understand the BofA office in Chicago is a rapidly growing team but only focused on industrials, so you gotta be interested in that. Pretty sure all the MDs have been there since the ML days

Greenhill Chicago is a great group, all Industrials from what I remember - interviewed with them some time back. That being said, culture is top notch out there. 

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