Mining companies. No other bank is as good as BMO at mining and its a bit taboo to hop around big 5 in Toronto


I heard the whole story. It is beyond fucked. Like embarrassingly fucked beyond belief. Wouldn’t be surprised if it ends up in the Globe.


That group always had insane turnover. Every bonus cycle (Dec for ASO and July for ANL) will see maybe 50% of juniors leave. Also word on the street is that one of their MDs is interviewing with other firms (Jeff currently needs a head of mining for their new toronto office)


Analyst are on a summer bonus schedule and ASO and up are on dec bonus schedule. Pretty common across the street no? 


Have a friend at BMO M&M who told me it was all Analysts and Associates - nobody higher up. Was a bullying incident involving racism, homophobia and general misconduct in teams messages. 


As someone who read their teams message, its actually shocking that it took them this long LMAOOO. Especially when BMO forces everyone to attend workshops on how to be nice to each other. 


Liar - how would one person read “all their messages”

If this is even what happened, at most you were complicit in them with everyone in your own individual chats with the people in question.

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I’ve heard they literally kill, butcher, and eat their analysts. smh lmao (sarcasm)


This whole thread has high-school-gossip-between-girls vibe building up the drama for effect.

”Omg you won’t believe what he did?” And no one actually saying what happened.



You gotta be a desperate fuck to wanna work there after all this

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No one is telling what happened because they promised their source that they wouldn’t spill the beans on Wall Street oasis.


Someone mentioned some details above but was removed by the mods for some reason.