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Relax ... it's only an hour or two into the day, they have like 30 associates on some of their teams



Is banking really that cyclical in the US? That is insane.


Okay so middle bucket Aso1 at ~20k

How about Aso2 and Aso3? 


Noticed most the low comp comes from the mba associate class, usually the more experienced aso classes have gotten better numbers


For what it is worth I received this shit comp while my groups revenue was Up 30% YoY

I understand shafting mid / low performers but I don’t understand drastically under paying high achievers

It’s clear to me there is an associate bubble at this bank that they want to get rid of. I get the business rationale, but just be straight up with people and fire them if you want them out.


Have to find a new job at this point

Not seeing how others are getting wide ranges of comp compared to what our group got 


Street kinda all over the place this year but on the whole BoA looks very low. This is at minimum a standard deviation from median, likely.


With bonus numbers like this, this is why people are saying up and coming firms like DC Advisory and Natixis deserve that BB ranking above firms like Jefferies and BofA