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I am a high school senior trying to make a big decision between a few schools I got into. I've been accepted to Brown, Haas, UMich Ross, Georgia Tech, and UGA for either an economics/applied mathematics major or a BBA. Right now, I'm mostly torn between Brown and Georgia Tech. Ross and Haas would be a lot more expensive, and while I'd have to pay about $60k a year at Brown, I'd get in-state tuition at GT, saving me about $200k over four years. At Brown, I would concentrate in Applied Mathematics - Economics, and at GT, I would likely major in IE or CS, with a double-major or minor in mathematics.

I'm leaning towards investment banking as a career, and it seems like Brown might be the better choice for that. But I'm not 100% sure about it because of some common complaints in the field (long hours, high stress, etc.). Also, I am not sure that I would like to live in NYC, and I would prefer to stay closer to my family in Georgia. I'm also very interested in roles in MBB consulting or quant development and research, and I know Georgia Tech is great for those paths too.

Therefore, I'm stuck between the two schools and could use some advice on deciding. Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated!


10000% Brown, those schools are not on the same level. Especially since you aren't sure about IB, Brown is the perfect fit for you. Blows GT out of the water in IB recruiting, consulting, and everything else and they have like a open curriculum or something so you can study whatever tf you want and change ur major 12 times. Congrats and good luck.


Feel free to dm me. I went to tech. Think in this case tech makes more sense given cost difference and you wanting to stay in Atlanta after college. I’d say half to a little over half of my friends stayed in Atlanta. I didn’t want to go to tech but did because of the cost difference. Now, very happy that I did. The compounding effect of $200k is a lot. And I ended up getting a solid IB job. That $200k could basically be your retirement nugget if you stuck it in the S&P for 50 years


In addition to what others have said, I’m not aware of any other campus culture that is as bad as GA Tech’s. Extremely book smart kids but seems like a truly horrible place to spend 4 years (or 5, realistically). People are generally stressed out and miserable and the school doesn’t seem to care about fixing that. Their attitude seems to be more hunger games-esq as evidenced by the relatively high incidence of suicide, even when compared to other hyper competitive schools.

Source: wife was an engineering student there

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