Lazard/Evercore definitely take referrals, not sure about CVP

That's def BS. What he/she more likely meant was that analysts don't have referral power and only associates and up have any pull. Certain analysts, like 3rd year analysts and recruiting captains for target schools, who tend to be 2nd year analysts anyways, may be the only analysts that can push for u but An1's def not. 

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Yep this is right. That analyst probably didn't have any power and might be too green to say that more eloquently. All of those banks do referrals, because a referral is just an email to the recruiting team - can still be done as an analyst but no first year wants to send them every candidate they talk to.

to add to this, analysts can refer you to others in their group which is what you should ask for. if you just say "hi can I have a referral" the analyst is probably going to do nothing.

realistically as an ex-recruiting captain - even if people say they are referring you... they are only sending their recruiting team the really outstanding candidates. they'll put you in the tracker and it's noted that you've talked to a few people, so when resume reviews come around you get an asterisk for reaching out, but the recruiting team is not looking to get 200 referrals blowing up their inbox every day.

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