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Coverage group matters, likely places at each have great groups that do deal values above the bank average and are held in higher esteem.

WB tech or Healthcare are UMM in terms of transactions, just go to their website. In this new era, deal value and volume is likely lower everywhere, but the tech and healthcare groups at WB give you pretty great options.

Since most funds are tech or healthcare focused, I would argue WB is likely going to be more well known than the others for many places you would go. No tech invester who touches companies from $200m - $5B isn't aware of the prominence of WB, saying that as someone who invests in tech.

That said, I do know they laid off like 1/3 their staff and deal volumes are way lower in tech and IB in general, so pay is likely worse than it was, but rep is still there.

SatelliteOfficeManager, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Blair for tech, Baird for industrials and gov/defense, HW for HC, HW and Blair for consumer

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I know Baird industrials is really good. But how does WB and HW industrials compare to Baird?

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Worked at a MM and now in PE -

Purely for exits, I'd lean Blair. Reputationally it's the best - there might be exceptions for certain groups, but generally speaking the Blair brand is slightly stronger.

You'd be hard pressed to find a single UMM exit from HW or Baird and I personally know a handful from WB.

People really hype up the HW "supportive recruiting" which is valid, but from what I've seen this is just the MD helping analysts get job at random MM PE firms (which anyone from Baird or Blair could interview ar just the same). The HW MD isn't bypassing the headhunter process at a reputable MM or UMM fund, so it really only helps at smaller shops.

For analyst experience I'd take HW though - best WLB, probably best culture, and best pay (at least last year(

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What are hours like?

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banananizer, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Harriss Williams in VA known to be sweaty af. Would factor that into consideration.

greg5it, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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