Equinox Membership worth it?

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Hope yall are having a less than treacherous Tuesday. A bit of a ridiculous question I know, but please bare with me. I will be interning in IB at a major city in the US in about a month and I was wondering if an Equinox membership in the finance district is worth it? A gym to me is like a second home and I've found it a great source to make friends, meet new people, and network, so with that in mind I was wondering if yall think getting a membership for an Equinox in the Finance district worth it from that perspective? I could be thinking way too much into this but I feel like besides hurting my pockets a bit (I believe there's a zero initiation fee deal right now) there's a lot of potential upsides to meet cool people and grow a network where I will want to work in the future. Let me know.


You’ll be in the city for 2 months and working a lot of the time, depending on the group / team. To me, the $300 when you are an intern is not worth it, and you’re better off trying to find a much cheaper (and potentially 24hr gym to better fit your schedule). These gyms will have plenty of people to meet in them as well.


Hey Mr. Beans preciate the response. I actually live in this city as well and although I expect a lot of work on my plate cuz I'll be in the transaction opinion practice I'll be working Mon-Thu. So you let me know if that sways your opinion.

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Retarded to go to equinox for networking purposes.

If you it’s close to your apartment and office and you like working out in a luxury gym then go for it. I like using the showers too before work. I think it’s worth it but I’m an avid lifter and no one is there to actually network.


Yeah I’ve been lifting since 8th grade and am a personal trainer on top of it so in regards to utilizing all the benefits of Equinox I’m more than sure that I’ll be able to do that. The reason I ask is because I’ve heard of stories of people in the finance world getting close through the gym. Since I’m new to the whole gig Idk how it works myself but I’ve befriended my fair share of people in my local gyms and what not which has helped me along the way. wouldn't be splurging on the membership for that benefit persay but wanted to get some opinions on how plausible that would be.


Made the decision to grab a membership during my junior summer IB SA stint and definitely think it was worth it. As you said the gym is already a second home for you so you probably have zero motivation issues with going in the first place, but knowing how much is coming out of pocket for the membership did give me an extra "push" on days where I almost decided on skipping a workout. On meeting new people, not sure how much you'll end up networking with people at the gym but I did have a group of buddies from school who also decided to get a membership over the summer and it was a great way for us to catch up throughout the summer in the midst of grinding away at our internships.


Echo the other comments that it certainly isn't a place to network, people who pay for premium gym memberships are there to exercise and not socialize. I am an Equinox member in a major US city and think it's worth it because I am an avid gym-goer, but really think you get more squeeze from an Equinox membership if you participate in the classes regularly, which I don't. 


Sorry let me be more clear what I mean about network. Im not expecting to handshake and exchange emails in between tricep extension sets but more so the average gym interaction has more benefits because most likely you are interacting with people in the finance community. I’ve made plenty of “connections” in regular gyms just by saying hello to people I regularly see hitting the gym the same time as I do asking someone to work in on their sets with, talk shop in the sauna, etc. i guess I just think there’s some added benefit to doing that at Equinox. But I could be wrong, maybe thats not the Equinox vibe and nobody wants to talk to nobody out there.


Understand that. Still don't know how much the Equinox part would benefit it. I guess the fact that it's in the finance district increases the chances that the guy next to you on the benches is in the industry. From your other comments in this thread, sounds like you frequent the gym and do socialize with people there, so think the more expensive membership could be worth it for you. There are other more effective ways to improve your network like grabbing coffee or drinks with others, but I assume you're already on top of that. I'd like to add the attractiveness and quality of women at Equinox could be higher than other gyms, if that's something you're interested in. It certainly helps me to workout harder lol. 


This is the stupidest post. You’re an intern. Are you really gonna spend a ridiculous amount for a gym where people there are gonna be significantly older and have no interest in “networking” with an intern while at the gym trying to clear their head? 


Buddy this shit exists to ask questions. Hence why I’m asking a question. Every gym I’ve called a home gym has some sense of community, and I’ve been lucky in finding friends and mentors in these gyms that go beyond the gym, hence why I’m asking the question of whether this is something people have experienced. Im gonna assume u having a rough day but no need to be a dickhead to someone asking a question. You think the question is stupid dont reply or atleast hit me w some good banter.


I had an all access nationwide membership to Equinox for 4 years and thought it was worth it. I really enjoyed the spin classes in NYC and would hit up different gyms in the city with instructors I liked.

The Wall Street Equinox spin classes would probably be good for networking, but I never made an effort. The SoHo Equinox spin classes always had super hot chicks.

"If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them." - Bruce Lee

haha crazy

"If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them." - Bruce Lee

This is hilarious - do people actually think about gyms this way?

It's a big room full of weights and machines. Find the cheapest place you can find, work out, and leave. Nobody wants to network with you or even talk to you.


Obviously you aint ever been a part of a gym community. Like I mentioned above any gym I’ve called a home gym I’ve made friends and people in. When I say networking thats what I mean, not having a resume keestered in my ass just in case I catch Jamie Dimon on the incline bench press. My thinking was it would be cool to go to a gym where the community is more aligned with my professional ambitions and what not. But thats on me, shouldve made that more clear in the og post


I guess there are different ways to go about exercising, but now I'm curious. How much time are you spending at the gym? I'm usually in there for about 60 minutes, and I'm lifting the entire time. It's transactional.

We talking like, several hours hanging around the gym chatting between sets? I can't envision how this works for anyone in an investment banking or even investment banking adjacent function. 


While I wouldn't talk to the other members of the gym, I want to be left alone; it's my safe space to get my anger out. I do a head nod at people I recognize, so I get your reasoning. Now that being said, from my experiences in higher-end gyms, the classes are the best way to spark up conversations, especially over a short period of time. If you don't plan on taking classes and it is only 2 months, people in general aren't going to talk to you. I think there are other clubs and sporting groups that might make more sense from a cost-benefit analysis, especially if any of the buildings you are in offer a gym for free. 

That being said, you'd probably have a better chance to train people and then meet people that way by telling them about yourself; you never know. Someone might like your story and help you out. I know my trainer has gotten into a couple of investments that way, I think someone that costs about 450 to train my GF and myself 1 time a week, an hour each. 


Thank you brother, the type of response I was looking for. That was my consideration too, whether higher-end gyms people want to be left alone to their own devices than the average la fitness. I have a lot of friends who personal train in one of the best private training gyms in the city and people there seem to be pretty sociable. Again, not whipping out a full length convo but exchanging pleasantries and what not enough to get to know some of these people. And what other activities would you suggest. I’m planning to work something out with my intern class and my other buddies interning in the district over the summer to hit up some tennis and golf over the weekends which should be fun.


Nope not worth it. Currently a member that will be leaving. Not sure how it works for people that are interning in the city, but when I moved full time I had to sign a year long contract. Its not worth the money if you dont do the classes. 


Haha. I actually transferred to an Ivy from community college and then transferred out so something like that.

Ivey is Canada.

"If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them." - Bruce Lee

I got one a membership as an intern in Greenwich. Met a lot of successful people, who mainly work in finance. Also, with the $300 a month price tag, it gave me some more motivation to go, rather than if I was paying $10 a month at a shitty gym. Very worth it in my opinion.


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