2022 Private Equity Headhunter Coverage

Hey Monkeys,

We've been hearing rumblings of activity from headhunter contacts ahead of on-cycle recruiting for 2023 starts. Does this sound crazy, given that 2022 on-cycle just happened a few months ago? Yes. Does this surprise us, given how insane PE recruiting is? Not one bit.

We've noticed folks on here asking for info/client lists for the main HHs, and noticed there wasn't a consolidated, updated list. Knowing the client coverage for each HH is crucial for planning your strategy for intro meetings. 

Below are the actual client lists for each of the major headhunters in the private equity recruiting process, updated as of the most recent on-cycle recruiting process. Note that we've excluded some of the smaller/irrelevant names, and included notable hedge funds and crossover funds. 

As always, feel free to DM us if any questions or if you want any other info on PE recruiting!

Henkel Search Partners

In our experience, Henkel (HSP) had the most impressive client list and was very pleasant to work with. They cover many of the largest and most prestigious firms, and you should definitely make an effort to get along with them.


CPI is another top headhunter with great clients. Note that they'll probably ask you paper LBO questions or give you a small case study in your intro meeting with them, which no other headhunter does from our knowledge. 

Ratio Advisors

If you're interested in tech and VC/growth investing, you need to speak with Ratio. Very impressive roster of top VC and growth firms, and some heavy-hitting buyout names. 

Amity Search Partners

Amity has some decent clients and a lot of smaller names that we've excluded. Pleasant people to work with.

Dynamics Search Partners

We unfortunately don't have their full client list, but DSP covers a lot of top names both in buyout and HF clients.

Gold Coast Search Partners

Despite their name, they don't just cover west coast clients. Nice to work with and great coverage across tech.


A little more under-the-radar, but they're very good to work with and have poached some good clients from other firms.  

Bellcast Partners

Mainly MM names. They are personal and collaborative, and the intro meeting was less interview-like than other HH meetings.

SG Partners

Their main legacy client is Blackstone, but besides that their coverage seems pretty sparse.


Interesting mix of clients, ranging from MM buyout to Coatue. Intro meeting was friendly and collaborative.

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Very helpful info. I think one important thing to note is firms might have one HH for on-cycle then use a different one for off-cycle, for a regional office, or for one of their other funds. So it might be worth your time to have intro calls with all the HH listed above rather than just the ones that have the firms you're interested in.

Most Helpful

How does one get in contact with these headhunters, do you just have to hope they reach out to you? What if they can’t find you cuz your in a niche IB group?


you can always reach out to headhunters and it's nothing like cold emailing. these people want to talk to you because they get paid when they place you somewhere. most of them have their team pages with emails available on their websites so just pick one of the associates there and shoot them an email saying you're interested in recruiting and would like to schedule an intro call.


damn kicking off before H1B process, international about to be screwed again


The PE analyst opportunities don't only pertain to small PE shops. A significant number of large institutional funds have implemented analyst programs: https://www.wallstreetoasis.com/forums/megafundumm-pe-analyst-program-d…, but they hire much fewer analysts per year (i.e. 3-4 at BX vs. ~100 at GS). Any PE analyst from a high-quality fund is viewed incredibly favorably and will receive looks both on-cycle and off-cycle. Unlike banking, usually people don't recruit unless they don't like their fund because they're going to have to rebuild goodwill and relearn processes


Does anyone know which headhunters have a large client who are focused on Energy/O&G Private equity?


With regards to coverage, do these staffing firms mainly support the PE business or are they all encompassing?

If I wanted to get into a credit arm of a PE firm for example or cap markets role, would that fall under their domain?


Sometimes they might cover everything, but different parts of a firm can be supported by different groups. For example, TPG Capital is covered by Gold Coast Partners, but TPG Rise is covered by HSP. But the other hand, Gold Coast covers all the funds for Thoma Bravo. This is all to say that the answer is not cut and dry. You just have to see what each person covers. 


Do HH’s have IB clients? Thinking of reaching out to them a couple months into my analyst stint to try and lateral to an EB/BB

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Sadly this list is not accurate.  It's missing a ton of funds.  Some firms do not send around client lists so it's harder to know who they work with. I know BellCast works with a lot more funds that is listed here.  Likely the same for some of the others.  


Senior in college here. I have a connection through someone at Dynamic Search Partners through the same greek org, but we went to different schools. Given the weight they have on decisions, how should I reach out to them? Because I'm still in college, I'm not sure if I should reach out as a student asking for pe recruitment advice or if I'm more direct and ask to get to know each other for the future when I try to recruit for pe. Thoughts?


Updated BellCast client list:

  • Bain Capital Double Impact
  • Harvest Partners
  • HGGC
  • Siris Capital (NYC, SF and FL)
  • Court Square
  • Stonepeak (NYC and Houston)
  • Wind Point
  • Bain Capital Life Sciences
  • Bain Capital RE
  • SK Capital
  • Cerberus RE
  • GIC RE
  • Hudson Advisors
  • Stellex (no longer client of Ratio)
  • Brightstar Capital Partners
  • Athyrium
  • Light Street
  • Prospect Hill Growth
  • Emerald Lake Capital Management
  • American Pacific Group
  • Declaration Growth
  • Eurazeo
  • NexPhase Capital
  • Northwood
  • Rubicon Technology Partners
  • Windrose Health Investors

Would like to point out that HSP sent out a modeling test and multiple choice test through TTS this cycle, which presumably will be true in the future.

I did the tests before actually having my HH call and got about an 80%. Not sure how much it actually mattered, but I imagine that they use that internally to guess how well you can do in interviews. HSP sent me a ton of interviews when things kicked off and I landed my job through them.