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I just did my resits, since TAGs didn't workout for me. Got COVID after the first 2 examinations, and symptoms stuck by throughout. My parents told me not to tell anyone becuase school wouldn't let me attend exams otherwise, so I don't get special consideration either. I had a look through the official markschemes for 2019 and 2020, and realised I'm done for. Even with 2022 ms i would only get CCD if I'm lucky. I've just accepted it at this point and almost but not quite, kissed my IB dreams goodbye.

Why did I do summer 2022 resits and not autumn 2021? Severe miscommunication from school, universities and parents(dad) forcing me to do so. Ultimately, it all falls down to me. The failure is mine, regardless of whatever factors may have been responsible for the turnout, and its the actions i take now that'll take me towards a better future.

So far some people said to self teach new A levels (FM, Maths 2nd resit, Accounting/Econ 2nd resit and C.S., ) alongside any extra quals I can get my hands on and then try to apply to a ib target university. I chose those 3/4 A levels precisely because I'm confident in learning those by myself.

I had a few issues during A levels that I'm not officially able to report about- a slew of domestic issues that affected my performance mentally and physically as I was taking exams. I know they would get me some consideration, but it being officiated would damage my parents' careers, which I'm not petty enough to do. (I'm not using this as an excuse, just providing context)

I like to think I did pretty well in the past outside of just A levels too- Tennis/Squash regionals, guitar player, and a deft hand in web development; I know it doesn't matter much when applying for Finance/Econ at top unis, but I feel like mentioning it in passing might flesh me out more as a potential applicant. What would you suggest I do? Thoughts on the my current method?

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Jun 22, 2022 - 5:47am
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