Hello everyone,
I'm currently a third year Italian undergraduate student at Bocconi University, interested in starting my professional path in London IB but that would also be interested in Consulting (most likely in Italy)

I'm considering several choices for my masters, and I'm not excluding MiMs from top schools. I was wondering what do you guys consider to be the most attractive alternative and the one providing more optionality with regards to picking IB and MC. I also want to understand if a one-year program is worth the price, given that i have some professional experience (in a PE fund and in financial advisory boutique) but no big name on my cv.

Bocconi MSc AFC: the "low risk" choice, since I'm Italian and already live in Milan; 60% of places in the programme are reserved to Bocconi undergrads. My main doubts around Bocconi are: a) there's cut-throat competition between students (all grades are curved with a Gaussian distribution, so fellow students have an incentive to make you perform badly at exams) 2) Not the MSc in Finance, to which i would probably be admitted but that is IMO extremely focused on topics I couldn't give two shits about (such as super advanced econometrics) and doesn't have good teachers/coursework for IB topics.

ESADE MSc Finance + CEMS MiM: interesting only because it offers the possibility of a Double degree from a CEMS institution, but I'm not sure how attractive that is from an employer perspective. Interesting course due to its broadness, and also living in Barcelona is a huge plus. Consider size of the class is small compared to other universities.

INSEAD MiM: new program, lasts only 1 year which is kind of an issue given that there's no internship as part of the course. top-notch business school but unsure whether it is worth a price tag of EUR50k. Second term in Singapore, probably way more consulting focused than the other alternatives.

ESCP MiM: kind of a backup plan, but interesting since it has a lot of international exposure. Probably not as well known in London as Bocconi, especially since I'm Italian.

I was already admitted to INSEAD, ESADE and 99% likely that I would be admitted to Bocconi AFC. No scholarships so money not an issue for argument' sake.

Help me out monkeys!

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In my opinion: Insead is expensive and doesn’t have a long history for non-MBA programs so would rule this one out.

ESADE is a good school but I don’t see why you’d pick it over Bocconi that is the top Italian School. Yet I am not sure about your program at Bocconi, I think that the MSc Finance is much more competitive thus well recognized - again not sure, you’re the Italian so you should know.

ESCP is decent as well, good 2-3 year program, places well into IB/Consulting, quite cool if you want to live in few cities during your studies.

Imo the discussion is in between Bocconi and ESCP.

Only reason why I'd pick ESADE over Bocconi is because of the double degree (also being able to live in different places just like I would with ESCP) Main concern over ESCP is that class size is just obscenely big, i think 800 students?

I don't see LBS MIM on your list of targets. How come you did not consider applying to this one, especially given the fact that you seem inclined to launch your career in London? (Have I missed something in your thought process? If so, sorry)

Already applied to LBS, waiting to hear from them... however, given the current pandemic situation, I'm not to excited by a one-year program. I think having the chance to put in some more internships under my belt is not to be underestimated...

Any insight on Bocconi MSc Finance from a recruiter perspective?

Sure! Bocconi bachelor in Finance, GPA: 3.8/4, spent one semester in a US top school as an exchange student, two internships - one in PE and one in Financial advisory but no big names - gmat is the problem here (650, low quant)... I was due to retake it but current situation made it impossible

Hi, have you considered the master in International Management(Bocconi)? I think it’s much more recognized in London then AFC. Considering also that few IM’s students want to do IB, so you would have less competition. From what I heard IM has more or less the same prestige of Finance.

By the way, I've recently received an offer from London Business School Master in Management... At this point, it comes to either Bocconi (MSc in Finance, I've resolved my doubts around the program) and LBS MiM, with a preference for working in London Investment Banking... Given the unprecedented uncertainty around the global economic outlook, I'm looking for kind of a "conservative" choice between them (i.e. the one that would maximize my chances of landing a reputable gig before graduation, possibly away from Italy since the country has a non-zero chance of collapsing in the next 6 months)

Any insights are deeply appreciated!

First of all, congrats on the offer - LBS MiM is a great program!

The longer you can extend the studies, the more likely a recovery will have happened (all else equal, yada yada). A 2-year program might be a bit safer, in that sense.

Although I would bet against society breaking down entirely for the long-run in Italy, London might indeed be a safer bet.

I would use these two factors into consideration and ask myself whether the job market for mid-2021 will be healthy enough to find the right opportunities.

Thanks for the kudos and for the reply! In the end, I think I will opt for LBS, with the possibility of extending the program for a fourth term (basically another shot at recruitment, graduating in December 2021).

Do you think LBS being a MiM will put me at a disadvantage vis a vis MSc Finance candidates for jobs in London? (consider my undergraduate degree and major is Finance, from Bocconi)

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