I did my hirevue about a month ago and my status still shows in review. No feedback or anything. I'm not sure if they're waiting until June to deny everyone who wasn't selected for interviews

I had my first interview early last week, but haven’t received any feedback yet. Recruiter said interview process was going relatively fast and process should conclude by end of this month. I hope we’re all still in the game. Let’s keep our fingers crossed

No updates for me. Status is still interview in progress. I also sent an email today, will let you know if I receive a response. Do you know of anyone else interviewing or who applied? Other EPP forums were way more active

I don't know anyone else who's going through the process. I hope you get feedback soon though. I have a couple friends working there but they aren't much help lol. I signed up for risk reporting and wealth management but have no idea if those interviews started already.

I completed my 2nd round interview this week. I hope you guys hear something soon. I wonder if they’re going to stick to July 10 start date being that people are barely getting started on their 1st round interview.

I appreciate the support! I’ll keep you guys posted on the outcome. Tweezy, do you know anyone who’s interviewing or have word on any offers rolling out?

Same boat as most of you — was approached to interview for the program, did the hirevue and still in review. 

I reached out to HR, they said to “be patient” and folks would be notified by the end of the week…that was almost a month ago. 

No updates for me. I sent an email yesterday but no response as well. Being that this is the 3rd year of the program for FRM I imagined this would’ve been way more organized.

Are we all still waiting for an update? I assume the latest update would be on the 14th (if they respect the 2 week notice) or they would change the start date to August 7th.

Perhaps it is a hiring pause since there was recent layoffs. I suspect leadership changes and approvals are holding the process up like the email mentioned. I know epp programs in the past started a few months after suspected start date. It’s weird there’s been no updates or communication since the deadline wasn’t met