It would be helpful if someone has a list of ALL the groups one can place into, but which are top groups ?

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Not sure what criteria you'd use for best, but here is my impression of the most sought-after groups by incoming summers:

  1. M&A
  2. Mediacomm
  3. Sponsors/GPUG/Transpo
  4. C&R/Industrials
  5. Healthcare/Tech (East Coast)
  6. FIG/Services/Natres/RE (if interested in more traditional banking exp.)

Are the summer interns selected for the groups based mainly off networking, or do they look for past experience in said industry?

And do you know which groups have their own in house M&A teams ?


how did you get into MS without knowing all this? Should've had this shit answered during your networking calls


Have not gotten into MS. Just trying to learn more about the firm since earlier posts are outdated.


Also what do you mean by more traditional banking experience in the last groups?


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