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I will start with a couple assumptions and conclusions I have reached through my research and would greatly appreciate any corroboration or corrections you guys might have for me. Georgetown as a whole would be a low target to a high semi-target for the overall financial services and consulting sectors, correct? Now, what kind of recruiting/niche areas do MSB and SFS get separately? Most of the data and opinions I have seen point to SFS doing better with consulting and MSB doing better with IB. Is this apparent difference due to the preferences of the students in each respective college or does each school prepare you better for one or the other? SFS appears to be a much more prestigious program (on the level of HYPSM), so would one have a better chance at getting in most places (MBB, BB, elite boutiques, F500, etc.) from SFS than MSB? For the purposes of this question, I will ignore the other benefits of SFS over MSB like its elite international networking opportunities (bumping shoulders with princes and diplomats) and potential for a career in politics, etc. Any info or advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!

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Apr 5, 2016


Apr 5, 2016

From what I have seen/heard, SFS kids actually place better into MBB/IBD than MSB kids. SFS kids are generally seen to be of a higher caliber.

More so than that though, is that I suspect kids in SFS actually like what they study, and so they get better grades too. MSB is not seen as an undergrad business program known for really prepping you technically (like say Wharton or UWO Ivey), so I would not place a premium on MSB due to its "business school" status.

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Jul 22, 2017

Georgetown put more kids into BB banks last year than any university in the world except Upenn, according to a LinkedIn survey. According to the survey, Wharton, Gtown, and Yale got the most kids into banking, respectively, followed by Princeton, Columbia, Duke, and Harvard. No surprises here.
To say any of these seven schools are "targets" is almost an understatement. You're set to go for finance in any of them. There are other schools that will set you up perfectly fine as well that might not be on the list because of lack of interest (Stanford, Ivies, Northwestern, Chicago, Hopkins, etc come to mind). You could even say MIT/CalTech but at that point, the caliber of students is clearly there but I wonder if firms even bother coming just because so few at those schools care about finance.

Also, in regards to Georgetown, it really doesn't matter whether you're in the college, MSB, SFS, or even the nursing school, you can get a banking gig. My cousin goes there, she's an art history major and she'll be working MS IBD next year.

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Jul 23, 2017

this is really helpful.Thanks a lot.

Jul 23, 2017