Hey Monkeys,

I currently work at what is probably best described as a fledgling IBD.

  • None of the employees have prior banking experience
  • Decent middle-market deal flow

Can anyone just throw out some advice or tips for what we should be doing? That sounds terrible but I would honestly like to hear anything you are willing to share, even the most basic crap that you learned on the first day of your internship.

Some specifics that I would really like to hear outside input on if anyone has time:

  • What goes in your pitch books (just a macro level rundown)?
  • What types of financial models do you use most frequently
  • When do you use those models?

How do you approach a new deal? What did you read when you were starting out? What's some of the best advice you've heard from a co-worker? What are some things that you ALWAYS do as part of a deal (the most basic of the basics)?

This is a great learning opportunity and I really want to help our department grow and refine its practices and deliverables.

All of our work is with lower middle-market companies. We do sell-side and buy-side advising (market research, analysis, marketing, target identification, pitching, deal structuring) along with raising capital.


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