How Do I Prepare for my First Day as an I-Banking Analyst?

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I received an offer earlier today from Jefferies' Investment Banking Division. I interviewed for the analyst position, and being that I liked the group and everything, I immediately accepted the offer.

However, I'm not entirely sure I know exactly how to best prepare myself for the job. After coming off the rush I got from getting the offer, I'm starting to worry that maybe my education hasn't adequately prepared me for a career in banking (I don't go to an ivy league or anything, and its uncommon for people to come out of my school with an investment banking offer).

So to anyone who's had any investment banking experience: Do you have any suggestions for good resources (ie: websites, books, etc) that I could use to help flatten the learning curve a little bit? How about any areas where I should focus more attention on before starting the job (ie: ratio analysis? sharpening my mental math skills? statistics? calculus?).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.