Public Sector and Infrastructure (PSI) & Financial Sponsors (FSG) IBD at GS: Any Insights?

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The primary group I've been in contact with at GS has been FIG since that's where I best saw myself and what my top preference is right now. An associate I spoke with in Industrials earlier in the week said I should take a look at PSI or FSG as my personal reasoning for FIG could apply to those as well. Previous to him bringing it up I hadn't heard much about either group as my contacts at the firm are mostly in Nat Res, TMT, and FIG.

Does anyone have any insights into the experience of the analysts in these groups, along with typical exit opportunities (both in and out of finance)? Anything other exposure you've had to the groups would be warmly welcomed. I'm primarily interested in the answers to these questions in the context of the summer and entry-level analyst positions, but if you have a more general vantage point that would be welcomed as well.

Thanks in advance.

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Dec 24, 2011

Why FIG out of interest? I think PSI would limit your exit opps compared to other industry groups.

Dec 24, 2011

My last two summers were working for the government in financial regulation roles (think Fed/Treasury/CFPB/NEC), including a very prestigious internship last summer were I was doing pretty substantial work with a well known public figure. An example that I've used in interviews to the "any groups in mind/why" question is one project I worked on was aiming to measure the correlation of a loss of projected growth earnings/stock prices across SIFIs as a result of proposed but not-yet-executed capital surcharges and leverage requirements under Basel III relative to similar correlations to events in 2008 to figure out how to represent in a mathematical equation some proxy for systemic risk vs unsystemic risk. I'm also an econ major whose senior thesis is on the implications of a provision within Dodd-Frank (risk retention and the QRM).

Based on the fact that both of these summers were government based the person I talked to in Industrials said that I could make the same case for PSI and FSG so I should look into them, but in my original research I didn't see myself A) having the same valuation experience as I would in FIG or TMT (which is expected for any group outside of those two, but I guess I was wondering if it would at least be comparable to another group at GS such as Industrials or Nat Res or if it was a class below them in terms of valuation/modeling); or B) having the same exit opportunities. Thus I figured you would all be a good group to ask.

Thanks for your vantage point on PSI--that's what I was expecting to be honest. Is there a specific person you know whose worked in the group that you're basing your statement on, or is it just a generally accepted fact?

Dec 24, 2011