Received Private Equity Internship, Any Advice?

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Just some background to start:
Non-Target State School
3.5 gpa
Currently doing an internship at a rather large Boutique MM bank in CT

So I recently received an internship for this coming summer at a pe firm. I'm pretty happy especially because I'm from a non-target. I have a couple questions.

1) What should I do before the internship starts to really differentiate myself?

2) The group that started the firm is primarily Yale alumni. During the interview, which was informal if it matters, the gentleman told me if I prove myself here I'll have two options. One they'll hire me if they have the capacity to do so, or he told me he has connections all over and if I tell him what I am interested in, he will set me up face-to-face (did work at Bank of America IB). So to get to the question, although I thought they were genuine remarks, what are your experiences with these matters and how often are they actually as good as they sound?

3)Any other suggestions just off the top of your head on any matter related to PE internships?

Thanks in advance everyone, it is much appreciated.
BTW the reason it's on this forum is because my end goal is a BB IB job.

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Feb 27, 2018

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