I have 2 summer internship (London) offers for the IB divisions at DB and BAML and would really appreciate some advice.

I really liked DB's culture and the way they go about their business, the division has a great team of people. They seemed very supportive and they really focus on the personal development of interns/analysts. I also find DB to be more prestigious but that's just purely down to my personal subjective opinion.

Bank of America was very corporate during my visits but at the same time there was a feeling of everything being grand which I quite liked. The institution itself is massive and operates on such a huge scale, DB doesn't even compare in that sense. Also from what I understand it is way ahead in M&A than DB, or at least the numbers show it. However I'm not sure about how significant the London office is, whilst DB's London office is its flagship branch for IB.

What are your thoughts, what would you choose?

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not sure what numbers you're looking at but DB is way ahead of BAML in M&A both in US and Europe as of Q3

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Don't get seduced by prestige. Like, as a life lesson.. over time, a focus on "prestige" will cost you more than it benefits you. Focus on good people, and have faith that most people like to work with (and generally, interact with) upfront, good people, and that you will earn their favor by being yourself.

Sounds gay, I know. For whatever it's worth, I learned it the hard way.

"There are three ways to make a living in this business: be first, be smarter, or cheat."


DB all the way babe..

p.s. check those numbers again, DB owns some shit


Congrats on your offers!!

I met with DB bankers in London and they were awesome. DB all the way for me as well.

I think DB owns BAML though... it's like top 5 in the world for M&A


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