Hey guys, I was just wondering when the typical start month for full-time employees coming straight out of undergrad is. In different areas of business, I have friends who started as early as July and others who started in September or October. Is it usually a negotiable thing, or do firms give you a date?

Thanks, and happy new year to all.

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My firm sent out a survey with 3 options, the earliest being in August. I've heard of previous analysts that successfully requested for a not-on-the-menu June start date. This was something that we were recommended to not do, because you would be doing your training out-of-season, which lessens your networking opportunities. If your firm puts together a big analyst training event, I would ask around to see when everyone else is starting. Good luck!

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Every firm is different. It can range from the week after graduation in May/ June until mid- October. As the poster above said, some companies give you an opportunity to decide.


Bulges seem to start in July from what I've seen? I haven't heard the start date for my BB yet


For consulting, I've heard of anything from June to January. Firms usually have a few choices and there's some criteria for determining who gets priority of their choices. Start dates usually align with global training sessions, which the larger the firm, the more of which there will be.


For MS/Citi/GS, we had training starting end-June 2012 in NY...the week of 23rd June.

I remember merrill being a month later, and JPM was in september (not very sure abt JPM).

After the 1-2 months of training we started work proper back in our assigned locations.


Usually it's not negotiable, you'll have to pick one of several start dates (with no guarantee that you'll necessarily get your first choice). My options for example were August, September, and February, which I understand are a little later than most

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