Where Do You Have Your Money?

It dawned on me yesterday while writing my post that we do a lot of speculation on this site...but I am not sure how many of us really speculate.

Needless to say if you are working on a desk at a prop shop or at a trading arm of a bulge bracket, you have money in play almost every single day.

But how many of you guys are actually putting your own nut on the line? It's tougher now than ever before and I'm curious to see who the risk takers are.

I have to be honest and say that I haven't had significant dollars in play since Ford and GE were the safest bet since Jordan in the playoffs.

I just haven't had the patience for the lack of volume and I honestly don't know enough about emerging markets in the East. Commodity futures can be great and I certainly regret not being in on silver the past year, but I'm kind of bored of it to be honest. My style has always been conducive to volume and volatility and lately I am just plain disinterested. Who's with me?

It fascinates me how much individual equities (especially U.S. based) have exited the day-to-day conversations on this site. I can't recall the last time I read anyone post about a stock they firmly and utterly believed in. It's no different outside of our friendly jungle confines. None of my friends talk about individual equities any more, very few about bonds, etc...

Seems all of our conversations as of late focus on Emerging Markets and the (swelling) Commodity Bubble.

Well, today I'm throwing out a challenge to get the creative analytical juices flowing.

5 SBs to the best strategic argument for an investment play other than commodities or emerging markets. It can be an individual stock, an industry or a strategy. The only caveat I will put up is that it is a play where your own money is either already at stake or will be in the near future...

Let's hear it monkeys, where would you put your money today?

and more importantly...

Is your mouth ready to put itself where your money is?

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