I'm looking for some advice on how to present my GPA on my resume for next year's recruiting cycle.

After this semester, my overall GPA is 3.651, my Economics major GPA is 3.953, and my Psychology major GPA is 3.793.

Here are some of the possibilities I considered:

Overall: 3.7, Econ: 4.0, Psych: 3.8 (Looks the best, but isn't it dishonest to round a 3.953 up to a 4.0? It seems like 4.0 implies only As, no A-s.)
Overall: 3.65, Econ: 3.95, Psych: 3.79 (Honest, but I've heard that 3.7 overall is the cutoff for some places)
Overall: 3.7, Econ: 3.95, Psych: 3.8 (More honest than the first option, but wouldn't it be strange to not round consistently?)
Overall: 3.7, Econ: 3.9, Psych: 3.8 (Fixes the problem of the first option, but it doesn't seem right to round a 3.95 down to a 3.9)

I'm sure you guys will tell me that I'm overthinking this, but I want to make sure that I present my stats in the most favorable way, without being dishonest. Also, if it matters at all, I'm most interested in management consulting positions but will also be applying for trading positions.

How do you think I should present these stats?

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If you're trying to keep it to 1 decimal point, I'd go with the last one. I rounded my major GPA down from 3.93 to 3.9, and my overall GPA 3.57 to 3.6

I think 3.9+ is very impressive anyways.

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You can round the total GPA and the psych GPA up, but you should never round a 3.95+ up to a 4.0.


id put 2 decimals for all. never heard of a shop with a 3.7 cutoff

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