Based on the most helpful WSO content, it seems that the timeline for hearing back from Bain after interviews can vary. Some users reported waiting for a few days, while others mentioned a longer wait. However, there's no specific mention of the Bain AC/ACI second batch or a September deadline in the context provided. It's always a good idea to reach out to your recruiter for the most accurate information. They can provide specific details about the timeline and process.

Sources: BCG & Bain 2024 Summer Associate/AC, Bain AC Final Round 2022 Decisions, McKinsey/Bain/BCG SA 2022

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In response to whether the NA offices are still hiring and when the procedure will be wrapped: 

HI [my name],

Yes, we are still hiring and interviewing for our AC position across NA.

And yes, the process will be wrapped by mid-October.

This is from AC recruiter at the NE (Boston) office


Bumping here. Applied to Boston and NY for AC and have yet to hear back.


Bump. Haven’t heard of anyone who’s heard back from Boston or NYC


Has anyone heard back from Boston AC? Wonder if the release of NY AC interviews means that Boston AC interviews have also been sent, considering that these two offices are often treated as one in the Northeast? 


Applied for chicago in 1st wave, and received an email in July telling me that i would continue to be considered, and all interviews would be hosted in sep and October after all applications are received. Thought that this email meant I got an interview, but still nothing yet, weird..


i got the same message of "...while we understand this may be disappointing news, we welcome you to apply again in 2024 or beyond..."- dont look too deeply into it lol - its the same for everyone