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Last week at MBB - AMA


Hi <abbr title="Wall Street Oasis">WSO</abbr>, I'm a 3rd year at <abbr title="McKinsey, Bain and BCG">MBB</abbr> & am coming up on my last week at the firm. Want to give back to the community since it provided helpful guidance for me as a...

Did my GPA screw up my application?


Hello monkeys, Just an anxious monkey with a personal question. I am currently a rising junior at a southern semi-target (think Vandy, GT, Emory) and have a 3.31 GPA. I know most firms have a 3.3 GPA cut-off. Can I round that up to a 3.4? Also, this coming fall, I plan on applying to...

Is Management Consulting just a glorified Audit?


Two things. Audit is a statutory requirement while consulting is not. But if you understand the way an external audit works, you will find a lot of similarities. I'm listing out some of these similarities but I could be totally wrong as I've never worked in consulting so most of this...

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How long do you guys need to prepare for case interviews?


How long do you guys need, I did a good deal of practice about a year ago, but been rusty since, have an interview in two weeks, already started some prep, but I'm going to be moving within those two weeks, so I'm thinking to see if I can get some extra time. Do you think it would be reasonable? I...

Powerpoint Case Interview


So next week I have a case interview and was wondering if some people could help me find some examples. I've gone through victor chens stuff but I don't think they were the same examples. They are going to give me 20ish slides, give me 50 minutes then come back and ask me to analyze the slides and ...

Do top consulting firms recruit from Duke Fuqua for their New York offices?


Topic says it. I would love to hear from any Fuqua alums, current students, or those who chose not to matriculate at Duke. My goal is to jump back into consulting after earning my MBA, hopefully in the New York area....

Time Between Verbal Offer and Written Offer?


So I received an offer to internally transition into Management Consulting within my firm. I received my formal offer, and about a week after not hearing back from the recruiter, I followed up with her to check on the status of the offer, to which she responded, "I am still waiting for the final app...

MBB Consulting with "finance" resume


I'm a rising junior at a "target" school, who's done mostly finance-related internships. I'm thinking about applying for consulting, particularly MBB as well as the second-tier firms. What do MBB recruiters look for in the resume screen in terms of experience? Would the fact that most of my resume...

MBB Recruiting: PhD or Research Master


Hey all, I am currently in the process of completing a UK research masters in economics at the age of 26 and have a decision to make. I can go into industry now, or continue and get a PhD in 2-3 years, finishing at 28-29. Recently I have been seeing a lot of events specifically for PhD's at McKinse...

HELP! Accepted offer and starting at boutique next week- just heard from Tier 2 recruiter about position starting next month


Hi Monkeys, I live in a major city in the Northeast US (NYC/Boston) and have just accepted an offer at a boutique consulting firm in the same city for an off-cycle Associate (entry-level) position, with a planned start date of next Monday. For a bit of background, I interviewed there in December ...

AlixPartners Vs. Oliver Wyman


Would like to know TRS entry position in AlixPartners Vs. normal consulting firms such as AT Kerny and Oliver Wyman, which has more prestige, better quit opportunities, better chance to get into good MBA like HBS, Wharton, or GSB. ...

Finalta - McKinsey Solutions?

young chimp

Finalta, McKinsey New Ventures, McKinsey Solutions I've probably read all available literature/forum posts about Finalta on Google. Just wondering if anyone has any inside/more information to share. What's the nature of the job like? Purely research? Is it .. intellectually challenging? How do ...