Best Finance Blogs

Blogs I read on a regular basis, tell me what I'm missing:

Abnormal Returns, Tadas Viskanta
Data aggregation

China Financial Markets, Michael Pettis
China/Asia, Economics
Author is a professor of economics at Peking University

China First Capital Blog, Peter Furman
China/Asia, Private Equity
Author is CEO of a boutique SME investment bank in China

Condor Options
Options and other derivatives

CXO Advisory Blogs (Partial pay-wall)
Technical Information
Quantitative analysis of ETFs, efficient market theorems, etc.

Daily Options Report
Options and other derivatives

Dealbreaker, Bess Levin
Data aggregation and Humor
If you don't read Dealbreaker, I don't want to know you.

Distressed Debt Investing Blog
Distressed Debt, Interviews

Epicurean Dealmaker
Anecdotes and Philosophy
Literate thoughts from an executive-level banker at a boutique-funny, insightful, sometimes rambling

Empirical Finance Research Blog (Partially behind a pay-wall)
Technical information
Tests and develops trading strategies based on historical data

Going Private (Defunct)
Private Equity and Anecdotes
No longer updated; formerly the blog of a VP at a MM PE firm. The author is now Marla Singer of Zerohedge and some of the stuff got a little wingnut towards the end.

Leveraged Sellout (Defunct)
Humor, Banking and PE
The gold standard.

Long or Short Capital (Semi-defunct)
Humor and Trading Ideas
"At Long or Short Capital LLC, we leverage our superior intellect and extensive investing experience to recommend explicit Long or Short positions and related abstract trades, which may or may not be possible with real world financial derivatives. We use science to improve the lives of the rich."

Naked Capitalism, Yves Smith
Data Aggregation, Editorials

Ultimi Barbarom
Markets and rationality, infrequently updated


Much love for LSO and Epicurean Dealmaker. Seriously, I wish I could send that guy a gift or a puppy or something.

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Awesome links guys, definitely gonna check some of these new (to me, at least) ones out. Thanks!

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Thanks for the suggestions, all, they're going on my iGoogle page. A few more I forgot: The Accounting Onion, Tom Selling Accounting, Fair Value Accounting professor's blog about IFRS/GAAP and accounting/FV/FMV issues.

The 10-Q Detective, David Phillips Accounting, Filings, Research Former research analyst points out interesting things from company filings. Unfortunately he's been getting a little political lately (I have other blogs for that) but he still finds some interesting stuff and his style has informed who I look for details in 10-Qs and Ks.

Footnoted, Michelle Leder Filings, Research Like 10-Q detective pulls interesting stuff from company filings, with a big emphasis on compensation info. Now owned by Morningstar.

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Written by a MD

Great read. I thought I had an impressive vocabulary but I've had to break out the dictionary a few times while reading his blog. It's quite well written though I'll give him that.


While we are on the subject, is the favored news source among my software dev friends.

"I saw Warren Buffett last week and he said, 'John, I like to invest in companies with business models so simple, even an idiot could run them." - John Stumpf alphavile. If any of you boys read this reg.. & can speak intelligently on what they cover, I guarantee you'll get offers. Brilliant stuff


Pragmatic Capitalism, run by Cullen Roche, is where it's at. One of the few guys over the past half decade who has understood exactly what's going on. He's explained the realities of QE, what happened with the government debt debate (Hint: The USA doesn't run out of money), why interest rates are low and why the bond vigilantes never came to drive up interest rates despite record deficits (Think about it for a second, why does the USA need to borrow the currency its a monopoly supplier of, to spend? The answer is it doesn't!). He also explains what has been happening in Europe, why Japanese interest rates never seem to rise despite the highest debt in the world and terrible fundamentals (Hint: The monetary systems of Japan, USA, and the UK are NOT the same as that of Greece and Spain) etc etc.

Not your thing? Well, if you want nonsense and bullshit go read Zerohedge and listen to Peter Thiel.


Zerohedge is good for breaking news/info - biased as hell but it's good to balance out the overly positive news sources you get. Just don't get sucked in to the whole world will end idea.


A favorite not mentioned is Benedict Evans blog - fantastic reading if you are tech focused

Reformed Broker will always be my favorite for being both relevant and funny

Also: House of Debt - Atif Mian and Amir Sufi put out pieces of their research from upcoming book Market Folly - good links on HF manager related topics Stratechery - Ben Thompson site - good for tech related articles

Best Response

interesting list, I was not expecting blogs but I've subscribed to 3 of those to give them a try. here's my weekly reading regimen

  1. daily WSJ: headlines, marketplace, money & investing, CFO journal, grand central, wealth adviser
  2. local business journal (daily)
  3. bloomberg first word (daily, up at 5:30 most days and can't listen to surveillance at work, so this is the best I can do) on iphone
  4. John Mauldin: thoughts from frontline & outside the box. he's decidedly more bearish than I ever will be but it's always good to read someone with a different viewpoint, and he's quite smart
  5. John Hussman: same as Mauldin, only a bit more arrogant.
  6. internal fixed income commentary (daily, weekly & monthly). my BB has a great FI team so I get about all I can stand from them
  7. updates on companies I own & follow
  8. economic updates: ad hoc, from my firm's economist

as for ad hoc stuff that's less often:

  1. everything by Howard Marks
  2. GMO white papers
  3. Tweedy Browne commentary
  4. Bill Gross commentary
  5. Chris Davis commentary
  6. Byron Wein commentary

I also occasionally read stuff from BCG, HBS, and John Mihaljevic, all good stuff.


I can't post links BC I'm so new to these forums (they think its spam). PM me. Understanding what's worth reading and what isn't is absolutely what I'm good at. I know it sounds egotistic, but hey, this is finance.