21, Studying Finance, can't seem to choose between AM and M&A

Hello everyone. I'm 21, following a master degree in finance in a pretty good business school in France. I'm also a CFA level 1 candidate, since my school has a partnership with the CFA institute, I thought it would be good to leave the school with CFA level II(if everything goes well) I'll also have a MsC in Finance. Anyway.
I will have 3 internships done when I leave the school. The first one I already did it, I managed to work in front office as an analyst in a very prestigious Swiss bank so it's pretty good. The thing is, the next internship is going to be very important for me. I was thinking about Asset management and, with this first internship + CFA level 1 candidate on my CV I look very much like a financial markets type of profile.
But a few months ago, I kind of discovered M&A. And damn does it seem interesting. Discovering new sectors seems very cool and I love the strategical side of the jobs. So I have to find an internship for June and I literally can't choose between AM and M&A. Both look very interesting, and I probably have a good chance to find an internship in the same Swiss bank I did my first internship in, but in the AM department this time.
I went to some events/conferences at my school about M&A and I'm more interested in M&A right now. But since my profile isn't the usual one(TS/Audit>M&A) I know that if I don't get an internship in M&A for the next internship it will be very difficult to do M&A after.
I've been looking a lot on the internet about the typical differences between both sectors but I think I lack information to choose.
Do you know anywhere I could look? My main question is : Is the strategy side of AM only portfolio management(i.e, maths) or is there also strategy like in M&A?
TL,DR : Interested about AM and M&A, can't choose for next internship, lacking informations.
Thanks, and sorry it's a bit long but context matters.

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Dec 26, 2018 - 11:00am
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